So what’s a woman to do?? Spiritual Practices of Faithful Women

While we are in the Holy Land, I’ll have the opportunity to share with our group a short teaching/message while we are at a church in Magdala. {Yes, that Magdala … I can’t even believe it!} The church there has a place set aside to honor the contributions of women in the ministry of Jesus and the early church.

As I’ve been considering what I want to share with our group and whoever else happens to be nearby to hear, I’ve spent some time looking specifically at the women named {either by name or by specific description like “the woman at the well”} in the New Testament.

As I wrote down each name and considered what her interaction with Jesus or in the church was, I realized there are a few specific practices these women modeled and were affirmed for both by Christ and by the early church leaders.

Join Teri Lynne Underwood for a brand new online Bible study beginning October 1, 2019

Spiritual Practices of Faithful Women: Following the Example of Women in the New Testament will guide you through four practices modeled by women in the ministry of Christ and the early church.

Spiritual Practices of Faithful Women

And, of course, I have waaaaaay more information written than I can share in that one short time with our group. SO — guess what we’re doing for our Fall Online Bible Study?? Yep … you got it! Spiritual Practices of Faithful Women: Following the Example of Women in the New Testament will kick off in October.

As with the Exploring the Psalms study, I will be hosting this online Bible study in my Bible Study group on Facebook. While this study will not be a NO homework study, it will be pretty low key homework. Just some reading and opportunities to use my READ*REFLECT* RESPOND method of studying.

Here’s what you’ll get if you join us:

  • Weekly teaching live in the FB group each Wednesday in October. {If you can’t join us live, the replays will be available.}
  • 30-day reading/prayer guide looking at women throughout Scripture.
  • Weekly reading and homework assignments using the READ*REFLECT*RESPOND method of Bible study.
  • Community interaction and encouragement with other women who want to grow their knowledge of God’s Word.

Ready to get started?? It’s easy peasy. Just join the Facebook group HERE. There are a few questions to answer — but no right or wrong answers. I use the questions to help keep our group free of troublemakers. In late September, I’ll share the downloads of the reading plan, homework guide, etc., in that group. And beginning October 1, I’ll be posting questions, reading reminders, the live videos, etc. so we can all study and grow together.

I’m thrilled to be able to share this study with you and I hope you’ll be joining us October 1 for Spiritual Practices of Faithful Women.

Have questions? Leave a comment and I’ll be glad to answer.


Teri Lynne


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  1. This is going to be awesome, one of my goals are to learn about the women OF the BIBLE . I am so looking FORWARD to that. Have a safe trip and enjoy it for all OF us. Can’t wait to see pics..

  2. Hi Terilynne, I’m joining your online study for the first time. Will the workbook be sent via email or downloaded from Facebook? This study looks really good…thank you for hostessing it!

  3. I’m so excited to know about the Spiritual Practices of Faithful Women. It is so great to know that there are powerful women who are used by God in the bible.


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