Hey friends! Thank you for joining me at the 2019 Enjoy God’s Word conference. I loved sharing my heart about multi-generational Bible study!

I promised you more info — and here it is!

Five Ways to Enjoy the Word in Community

  • Social Media — use Voxer or a group text or even a private Facebook group to check in daily as you read together.
  • Apps — there are several apps with a community element. YouVersion, for example, allows you to invite others to join you in a reading plan.
  • Coffee dates — get a couple of friends and meet together each week for coffee and conversation about what you’re reading.
  • Small groups at church — don’t forget that your church may already have a place where you can connect! And, if they don’t, check with your pastor or women’s ministry leader about creating a small Bible study group. Katie Orr’s FOCUSed 15 Studies are a good place to start.
  • Book club — who says book clubs have to use Oprah’s picks? How about gathering a group who want to read a chapter or two of a book of the Bible each week and discuss. You could use Stacey Thacker’s Girlfriends Guide to the Bible series as a tool for getting into the Word.

Simple Bible Study Methods

A few weeks ago, I shared three simple Bible study methods I use and teach in my church. Each of them is a great way to dig a little deeper. When you ask friends to join you in Bible study and you aren’t using a workbook, you can use one or all of these methods to help you study. Click links for more details about each.

Or you can download the file below which includes details about each of these plus one more great way to study that helps you identify the important truths in any passage.

One more thing ….

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the free Bible study I’m offering to all attendees of ENJOY GOD’S WORD 2019. You can access RUTH: a primer on relationships HERE.

Thanks again for attending my session of ENJOY GOD’S WORD! Let’s be sure to connect on Facebook and/or Instagram.


Teri Lynne