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Hi new friends!! I’m so thankful you have stopped by.  We covered A TON of information in that session, didn’t we?? I didn’t share a lot about myself in my session like some of the other speakers — which I suppose just tells you how much I wanted to dig into the material.Teri Lynne Underwood || lopsided living encourager and girl mom cheerleader ||author, Praying for Girls: Asking God for the Things They Need Most {July 2017, Bethany House}

I’m Teri Lynne and I’m married to Scott who is the Associate Pastor at our church.  We have a daughter Casiday who will graduate from high school later this month. I’ve written and contributed to a few books and I teach Bible studies both online and in my church.  I speak for women’s events and conferences sometimes but mostly I’m just a girl who is passionate about God’s Word and encouraging women to live the abundant life Christ offers.Teri Lynne Underwood || BIble Teacher, Women's MInistry Speaker, AuthorI hope you found the idea of LOPSIDED LIVING encouraging … it’s been a game-changer for me in so many ways.  It’s been about ten years since I realized a full calendar didn’t mean I couldn’t have a full life.  And I really believe that busy isn’t always bad.Busy isn't always bad. In fact, busy can be exactly where God wants us! Even in our busy-ness, our hearts can be focused on Kingdom business.But most of all, I love that we can find biblical examples of women whose lives weren’t in balance the way our culture defines it … but they were exactly where God wanted them to be. It’s my firm conviction that all the talk of balance often ends in more guilt for women who are already struggling — and I certainly don’t think that’s God’s definition of abundance.

So, if you’re here because this idea resonated with you, you are in a safe and encouraging place!! I’ve gathered up some of my favorite posts about Lopsided Living for you.

The Better Way to a Fuller Life

We are works in progress {and that’s okay!}

Sometimes good enough is enough

Two Lists You NEED

Remember Your WHY

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Lopsided Living ... the purposeful pursuit of an unbalanced life. 31 day series by Teri Lynne Underwood

Lopsided Living isn’t about a formula or a strict set of rules.

It’s about learning to see life as it is and work within the limits we each have in order to pursue the full life God offers to His children. (John 10:10) I don’t know about you, but that’s pretty good news for this busy woman.


So, again, thank you for being in my session at ENJOY THE WORD and for joining the live chat afterward. It was a gift to share that time with you.  If you want to get more encouragement and resources for Lopsided Living, there are a few more ways to connect.


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Teri Lynne

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Lopsided Living: What the Bible REALLY Says about Balance