One Amazing Summer: What Question Is God Asking You?

I'm behind.  Again.  Not as far behind as before but behind nonetheless.  That's my full disclosure notice.  #giggle But on with the post, right? I've been teaching my Sunday School class the last few weeks.  Since I'm filling in for the summer and each week we have so many people out on vacation, I decided to teach about the different Jewish feasts and festivals and how they relate to our lives as Christians.  I could spend days digging into the connections between the Old Testament and the ... [Read More]

One Amazing Summer: When We Make Plans

April 9, 2012.  That was THE date.  I made my checklist and devoted time to finish a big project. March 8, 2012.  Things fell apart.  Major fell apart.  A crisis rocked our extended family and all my plans were set aside, rightly so. Finally, in late June I began working on the project again.  We'd begun to settle into our "new normal" and, while the ripples of hurt and loss still shook us periodically, we were all finding our bearings. I set the new date:  July 16, 2012.  I worked hard ... [Read More]

One Amazing Summer: On Building Walls and Making a Difference

Nehemiah is one of my favorite books of the Bible.  I love Nehemiah's willingness to be obedient to God and his heart for seeing God's people reconnected with Him. Why was rebuilding the wall so important?  What difference did it make? The wall represented protection and stability.  At the time of Nehemiah, Israel and Judah had long since collapsed and the Hebrews had been exiled into Persia.   Many of the exiles had returned to Jerusalem but they had not rebuilt the wall surrounding the ... [Read More]