Book Review: Breaking Up with Perfect by Amy Carroll

Last summer I met this incredible girl with a smile that fills up a room. From our first phone conversation until we met face-to-face in the hallway of a hotel conference center in Charlotte, North Carolina, I knew this was a woman who loved Jesus. As she reached out to hug me, she said, with the perfect Southern drawl, "I fell like we are already friends." And we were. Amy Carroll is the real deal, y'all. Genuine, funny, and passionate about encouraging women.  She the girl who looks yoi n ... [Read More]

Best Books of 2014

I'm not sure why I didn't read as many books as normal this year ... or if I just didn't do a good job of keeping track of what I read.  I know I re-read several books {like The Hunger Games trilogy} and I didn't add them to my 2014 reading list. Nonetheless, of the almost 100 books I did keep track of, here are my favorites: Home by Julie Andrews. If you love The Sound of Music and Mary Poppins and The Princess Diaries, you must read this biography.  Written with charm and fondness, Julie ... [Read More]

Jesus Calling: One of my Favorite Devotionals

{This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase through them, I will receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.} I offer rest for your soul, as well as refreshment for your mind and body. {Jesus Calling, August 19} I'm not really sure when or where I received my first copy of Jesus Calling, I just know once I opened the pages I was captivated. For years I've been personalizing Scripture in my prayers ... but hearing the words of Scripture personalized as a message to me ... [Read More]