{Top Ten} Quotes from Unshakeable Faith

*** this giveaway is now closed *** I am thrilled to share with you about the latest Bible study written by my fellow Do Not Depart writer and good friend, Kathy Howard.   Unshakeable Faith: 8 Traits for Rock Solid Living explores the Apostle Peter's life and teachings to help us understand eight "faith traits" God developed in Peter.   And, my favorite part, each chapter includes a "Faith Shaker" - the stories of women God has strengthened today.   Perfect for use in your small group or even ... [Read More]

Unshakeable Faith

Unshakeable Faith, an 8-session Bible study for women by Kathy Howard, has just been released by New Hope Publishers. This study helps readers apply 8 key “faith traits” found in the life of Peter so they will be prepared to weather the harshest storms of life. Hopefully you are already familiar with Kathy and her gift at teaching God's truths.  She is a writer at Scripture Dig and has become a dear friend and mentor.   I'm excited about this new study and looking forward to going through it ... [Read More]

Book Review: One in a Million

I was in the front seat, staring blankly out the passenger window.   Have you ever done that? Stared blankly while your life, with all its spinning parts, whirled around you in a chaotic fury?  Have you ever thought to yourself, How did we get here?  How did this happen? That's how I felt on that particular day.  (98) When I received Priscilla Shirer's latest book, One in a Million, to review, I was - honestly - covered up with so many projects that I just had to leave it sitting on my desk ... ... [Read More]

How’s Your Mouth?

Have you ever studied the book of Judges? It's a great little book and I used a wonderful Bible study a year or so ago called "Java with the Judges" to go through it. I highly recommend that study. {This is not a review of that study just wanted to mention it because I liked it! It is however on sale right now at CBD if you are looking for a new study for yourself or a small group. The entire Coffee Cup series is great!} Back to the actual post ... In Judges 10 we find the account of ... [Read More]