Let’s Spend the Summer in the Psalms, Shall We?

So, y'all, summer is here in FULL FORCE in Alabama. It is hot. And a few weeks ago I got poison ivy and I'm not sure there is much worse than having poison ivy when it's so miserably hot and humid that you begin sweating the minute you step outside. But, you're not here for my sob story, right? The real point is that even though I'm sweating and itching like crazy, I'm super excited about leading my first online Bible study in two years. And, for the first time ever, I'm doing a NO HOMEWORK ... [Read More]

This woman loves the new HE READS TRUTH Bible!

I have long been a fan of the ministry of She Reads Truth. In fact, this morning, I went ahead and subscribed to their app so I could have access to all their reading plans. When the She Reads Truth Bible was released, I eagerly bought a copy. But, I didn't love it. It was presented as a study Bible and I found it woefully lacking. When your library includes the ESV and CSB Study Bibles among many others, the SRT Bible really had nothing new or unique to offer. I used it, however, for ... [Read More]

What I’m Reading {April 2019}

Can you believe we are halfway through April? This year is sailing by ... and I'm not reading nearly as much as I'd like. But I am hoping that will change a little as we move into summer. I'd love to dig into some really good fiction over the summer ... so if you have recommendations, PLEASE leave them in the comments!! WHAT I'M READING {APRIL 2019} BIBLE STUDY I always start by sharing what I'm studying. As you probably know, I'm teaching through Exodus this year at my church. We ... [Read More]

What Happens When We Really Encounter God’s Word

Hi friend! I'm excited to share today's post with you because it's something I feel so passionate about — engaging with Scripture! You probably already know how much I love the Word of God. My husband says it doesn't matter what passage I'm reading or teaching, it's my favorite. And, well, that's pretty much the truth. I fell in love with God's Word many years ago and it never ceases to leave me awed. It's why I teach ... because I want other women to encounter Scripture the way I did in ... [Read More]

3 Great Reasons to Attend the ENJOY GOD’S WORD Conference

Y'all, I have the best news to share today.  If you have ever desired to know more about how study your Bible, how to engage in prayer, and how to strengthen your spiritual muscles, ENJOY GOD'S WORD online Bible conference is for you. Today I'm sharing 3 of the reasons I believe every woman I know could benefit from getting a ticket to this event. It's that good. 3 Great Reasons to Attend the ENJOY GOD'S WORD Online Bible Conference I know, online conferences can seem strange to a lot ... [Read More]

Bible Study: 5-Day Study Method

One of my favorite ways to study the Bible is through focused, repetitive reading. Today I'm sharing one of the methods I use for this type of study. The 5-Day Study Method The 5-Day Study Method is another way to gain an overview books or larger passages of Scripture. But it can also be useful for repetitive studying of smaller passages or portions of Scripture. Spending multiple days looking at a passage helps us gain a deeper understanding of the passage. This is also a great ... [Read More]