Bible Study: The Reporter Method

We're talking Bible study methods this week. It's one of my favorite topics. There are so many many ways to dig into God's Word. My hope is to introduce you to some ideas and techniques you haven't tried and encourage you to find the method or methods that work best for you. The most important thing about good Bible study is this — remembering that the Bible is a book about God, not about us. Far too often, we approach Scripture believing it is about us. And when we do, we miss the the big ... [Read More]

Bible Study: The 3 Rs Method

Hey friends! Sunday night I was talking with one of the younger women in our church about our Bible study. I shared that as much as I love teaching the Bible, I know one of my greatest responsibilities as a Bible teacher is to equip women to study for themselves. As our conversation progressed, I was reminded how often we talk about all the things growing Christians should do ... but sometimes we are TERRIBLE at actually explaining how. It's no secret here that I'm a big Bible study girl. I ... [Read More]

Resource Recommendation: (in)courage Devotional Bible

People ask me all the time about Bibles. Usually they ask me what Bible they should get. I know a lot of people have one answer they give to everyone. But when someone asks me, I always have a bunch of questions for them before I can give an answer. Finding the right Bible for you isn't always easy. I've learned that different Bibles can serve different purposes in different seasons of life. In fact, I've discovered, for myself anyway, I use a multiple Bibles almost every day for different ... [Read More]

What I’m Reading {January 2019}

If we were meeting for coffee or you dropped by my house one Tuesday morning, there is one thing I'm sure of — we'd talk about books. Even if you said you weren't a reader {which would, of course, make me a little sad but nevertheless}, I'd tell you I know a book you'd love. I used to share this sort of post regularly and then life got crazy last year and I barely wrote anything. So, I thought we'd get this book loving party started again in 2019. I often spend January reading one or two of ... [Read More]

5 Great Reasons to Attend the ENJOY THE WORD Conference

Have you heard the news? Jami Balmet and Katie Orr are co-hosting a brand new online Bible conference! ENJOY THE WORD is a unique and incredible opportunity for women to sit under some powerful Bible teaching and be encouraged in their spiritual walk. 5 GREAT REASONS TO ATTEND THE ENJOY THE WORD CONFERENCE Several months ago, Katie and I sat in a very crowded Puckett's Grocery in downtown Nashville and talked about our dream of doing a Bible conference for women. As pastor's wives, we know ... [Read More]

Looking for a #SummerBibleStudy? How about James?

I haven't taught a women's Bible study in almost a year. With writing the book and teaching the college Sunday school class with Scott, I just haven't been able to lead a group of women. I'm in a women's Bible study but I'm not teaching. And it's weird. And I really miss it. I've been praying about when it will be time to step back into teaching regularly at my church and, so far, the space to do that hasn't been available. But, a dear friend reminded me I don't have to have a class at church ... [Read More]