Resource Recommendation: (in)courage Devotional Bible

People ask me all the time about Bibles. Usually they ask me what Bible they should get. I know a lot of people have one answer they give to everyone. But when someone asks me, I always have a bunch of questions for them before I can give an answer. Finding the right Bible for you isn't always easy. I've learned that different Bibles can serve different purposes in different seasons of life. In fact, I've discovered, for myself anyway, I use a multiple Bibles almost every day for different ... [Read More]

Looking for a New Bible? I Recommend the Christian Standard Bible (CSB)

For the record, I wasn't looking for a new Bible. I was perfectly content with my ESV Study Bible. But curiosity always gets me.  Plus, I'd tried the HCSB a couple of times and wasn't a huge fan. So, when the opportunity to look at its update, the CSB (Christian Standard Bible), presented itself, I decided to give it a go. {So you know, I received my copy of the CSB from B&H in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are entirely my own and based on using the Bible in church, in ... [Read More]

3 Reasons I Love Using my Journaling Bible

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably already know I have a journaling Bible. My IG feed is full of images like this … I’ve always been a note-taker and margin-writer in my Bible. Last April, I spoke at Refine: the Retreat in Ohio. My friend, Kris, was the visionary and host of this wildly amazing event. It was there I was introduced to the idea of art journaling. My clumsy first attempts were no where near as gorgeous as the delightful Annie Barnett’s illustrations.  But Annie, Kris, ... [Read More]

The Big Picture Interactive Bible Storybook

{This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase through them, I will receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.} I adore children's Bibles and Bible storybooks.  As a child we had The Bible Story, a ten-volume set.  Anyone else remember them? I can remember reading the stories aloud with my parents and brothers. When my daughter was born, we began our collection of Bible storybooks and children's Bibles.  I have loved each one.  When the time came to buy her first "real" ... [Read More]

How Weird Is It to Review a Bible? Everyday Matters Bible for Women

Reviewing a Bible is just plain strange, y'all!  Far different from the normal book reviews I do where I am discussing content. :) A few weeks ago I received a new Bible in the mail. It's beautiful, isn't it?  I love the cover.  A lot.  But since that's not really the issue in reviewing a Bible, I'll just leave it at: this Bible is so pretty! The pupose of the Everyday Matters Bible for Women is simple: to help you use spiritual disciplines to make your everyday life fuller, richer and deeper ... [Read More]

Tools of the Trade: Resource Recommendations

Honestly, this is hard to do.  I have so many favorites resources.  But I'm going to narrow it down to just a few suggestions in several categories. Bibles: I love my New Living Translation Life Application Study Bible for devotional reading. I use the English Standard Version for most of my writing and study. {Which you can get free for Kindle or Kindle apps!} My favorite study Bible is the Hebrew-Greek Key Word Study Bible. Devotions: Jesus Calling Streams in the Desert Study Tools ... [Read More]