Laying It Down

Overwhelmed. Adjusting. Uncertain. I think those are the three words that best describe me of late.   It seems that every time I begin to feel settled and find a routine that works, something happens.   So far, all the "somethings" have been great: a new job for Scott and a move back to North Alabama a move from one house to another within a month of moving back to North Alabama school starting for my girl  - middle school, no less But each of these has brought a necessary reassessing of ... [Read More]

Simple Blogging

Sorry ... this hit my feed before I actually wrote the post.    I was up late last night watching a little football.    You might remember that I'm a bit of a fan for a team that played in the national championship last night.  Today, I'll be ordering this ... War Eagle, y'all!  So proud of my Tigers!! Now, on to the real post ... I'm sharing today about some simple blogging schedules and routines over at Gather Inspirit.   If you have a hard time thinking of what to write or getting into a ... [Read More]