My 2015 31 Days Series Sneak Peek

Every October I join the throngs who write 31 days straight.  Here are the series I've done in previous years: 2010: 31 Days Under Construction {notes from real-life journal} 2011: 31 Days of Joy {a journey through Philippians} 2012: 31 Days of #MustRead 31 Days Series {a gathering of great links!} 2013: 31 Days of Living Well {in full disclosure, this series I never quite finished ... draw your own conclusions about what that says about me! LOL} 2014: 31 Verses to Pray for Your Girl ... [Read More]

Busy but Good

Y'all ... I cannot believe I have not written anything for over two weeks. It isn't because I haven't wanted to or had things to say {seriously, I always have something to say! LOL}. Life has just been busy. And you know, I'm not apologizing for that anymore, right? I'm good ... the busy is good.  I'm doing the stuff that matters, the most important stuff. But I miss being here in this space. So I promise to be back here with regular content soon {more about that below}. Even though I'm ... [Read More]