{Five Minute Friday} View

Every Friday this amazing group of writers join together to write—unedited, fearless, and brave—for five minutes.  Our favorite (in)courager Lisa-Jo Baker, the Gypsy Mama herself, offers us a prompt and we write. This week's prompt:  VIEW. GO My view is changing so quickly.  I used to look around and see Fisher Price toys with all their bright colors and lights and sounds.  Just when all the batteries finally died and I thought silence would be found in our house, the next view ... [Read More]

{Five Minute Friday} Song

It's Five Minute Friday time.  This week's prompt is song.  I have no idea where it will lead me.  But here goes ... GO All my life has been defined by songs.   The first song I sang in church alone:  "I Am a Promise." The song we sang as a family: "You're Something Special." The song my brothers and I sang as children: "Kids Under Construction." The song I cried through in 3rd grade while standing in front of my grandfather's church:  "Mountaintop." The song my parents ... [Read More]

Roots Five Minute Friday

It's Friday so I'm writing off the cuff ... spending five minutes just pouring words on page and joining the community of writers who do the same each week. START We spent several years in South Georgia where there are, essentially, two kinds of trees:  live oaks and pines.   The pine trees grow tall but not always straight. They are bent and swayed by the winds common to coastal areas.  A casual drive around almost always reveals a few of the pines snapped and fallen. But those live ... [Read More]

The Dance and the Dancer

It's all dance for her.  She never simply walks ... there's always skipping, twirling, bouncing, leaping.  Her life is a dance. For eight years we've spent at least an hour a week in a studio.  Hardwood floors, mirrored walls, barres worn down by the hands of countless girls who have practiced positions and form and technique. She's worn tiny little ballet shoes, loud black tap shoes, toe shoes tied up with ribbons ... and most every other kind of dance shoe there is.  We've got piles of ... [Read More]