Lopsided Living Values Progress over Perfection

Welcome to Day 8 of 31 Simple Ways to Embrace Lopsided Living! On Saturdays, I'll be recapping the week's posts and sharing a overarching principle of Lopsided Living. We began our journey by recognizing there is a better way to live a fuller life. From there John 10:10 helped us understand in Christ we have abundance, not scarcity. We spent five days looking at five truths of Lopsided Living: Begin with Loving God Most Understand how to Live at Rest Locate & Use ... [Read More]

Freedom’s Requirement

Today, like countless other families across the United States, we'll be gathering with people we love to eat and swim and watch fireworks.  We'll don our red, white, and blue and take a moment to recall those who bravely stood for freedom's cause and those who today wage the battle in deserts and cities around the world to keep our nation safe and secure. But also today, I'll take a time to remember the 27 million people who are enslaved around the world.  The ones  organizations like The ... [Read More]

{Dear Teri, Love Teri} You are Enough

Dear Teri, I think you're carrying some unnecessary guilt.   In fact, I'm pretty sure you are carrying A LOT of unnecessary guilt.   You're not alone, of course.  Every mom has some needless guilt rolling around her heart.   Knowing the is part of what motivates you to encourage others - to see the weight lifted. Here's the thing, Teri, that you couldn't have known when your girl was three and you were so ready for her to start school.  She was ready too! It's fine that you were able to use ... [Read More]

The Colors of Confession

Surrounded by people yet sitting alone.  One question asked by a humble heart, "What do you need to surrender?" Heads bowed all around me as I breathed a simple prayer, "Lord, show me ..." Eyes closed and heart opened.   I waited. Red.  Blue.  Green.  Black. Words echoing throughout my heart and mind. Anger.  Hurt.  Jealousy.  Sin. "Lay these down," He gently beckoned.   Tears silently fell ... release sweetly followed. Laying down anger and picking up peace. Letting go of hurts, ... [Read More]