On Dreams and Seasons of Life

In January I started writing about chasing the God-sized dream in my heart. Of course, it all started with me realizing I wasn't even sure what that dream was and learning to listen so He could show me.  It hasn't been an easy journey for me, this God-size dream chasing.  In fact, I'm sitting here six months later and realizing while I do see a little more clearly, I still am not certain where this path is leading.  I know He's given me a heart and passion for encouraging women to live well, to ... [Read More]

We ALL Have a Part in Freedom’s Story

This child? This girl all to quickly turning to woman?  I look at her and she takes my breath away.  She is funny.  She is bright.  She is the very best kind of friend.  She loves big and lives big.  She's passionate and creative.  She dances and she cheers.  And every day I get to drive her to school and pick her up and listen to the stories of middle school boys who act like like middle school boys and middle school girls who act like middle school girls.  At night she kisses me quick and ... [Read More]

Dear Friend who Dreams {a God-sized dreams post}

So, here's the deal ... I have too many friends who dream big, God-sized dreams and have faith that moves mountains and hearts that draw others close.  Therefore, I am modifying the assignment and writing a few postcards to some dreamers I know.  Hope Holley doesn't mind too much. :) Stacey Thacker ... one of the first blogging friends I made ... and a dear friend now in real life Carey Bailey ... whose smile lights up every room she's in and who embodies joy in every way. Elizabeth May ... [Read More]

JOY on the Ride of Life! {a God-sized dreams post}

With the abandon rarely found as we get older, my daughter and her friend raced to the kiddie coaster at a local park.  They jumped on board and with arms raised high the laughed and screamed as the ride twisted and turned.  I lost count of how many times the went around the tracks as the spring sun shone through the green trees.  I took three hundred pictures of these two girls, caught between childhood and adolescence.   Eyes sparkling, faces beaming, they rode the coaster, the carousel, and ... [Read More]

When What You Really Want Is Space
{a God-sized dreams post}

Holley asked us to answer this question: What do you want more of in your life? Space.  I want more margin and room to breathe. Yesterday I had a beautiful conversation with a fellow dreamer, Kris.  God has birthed a vision in our hearts, a shared desire to offer encouragement to women.  As we chatted about some of the specifics of how this hope inside us might come to fruition, we discussed the need all women have—but most ignore—for space.  How we need time and room to rest, to dwell ... [Read More]

Dearest Dreamer … {a God-sized dreams post}

Dearest Dreamer, What dream is God stirring up in your soul?  What dream is it that you are tip-toeing around, trying to hush the roar of passion and desire that pounds in your soul?  It's scary, isn't it?  Overwhelming, too. Oh sweet friend, I know!  I mean, really I KNOW. That stirring inside you? That lump-in-your-throat, butterflies-in-your-stomach, is this real feeling? That "What if I can't?" but "What if I don't?" thought, the one always rumbling beneath the busy-ness of "to do" ... [Read More]