When Life Isn’t What You Dreamed … But It’s All You Ever Wanted

I've chased a million things Bright lights and empty dreams Now here I am Right where I thought I wanted to be I'll trade it all right now Leave it all and lay it down To get back to where I belong Lord, all I've ever needed was Your love "All I've Ever Needed" from the Grace Unplugged soundtrack ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Have you ever longed for a bigger life than the one you have?  Wished for all your dreams to come true? I suppose at some point we all have.  That grass always looks greener ... [Read More]

Thoughts on Sin and Grace

{This post ended up being a lot longer than normal.  Apparently I had a lot to say.} My girl is 13.  She's in 8th grade. She's a cheerleader, a dancer, and in her school's Show Choir. She has a boyfriend and a cell phone. I'm sure there are those who think we are too permissive ... she, of course, thinks we are overprotective. I hope and pray we are wise and discerning. It isn't easy raising kids these days. The world is full of sex and drugs and abductions and more awful stuff then I care ... [Read More]