The 4 Ps of Lopsided Living during the Holidays

Hey friend! I'm so glad you are here and I can't wait to share some thoughts about one of my favorite topics as it relates to one of my favorite times of year. About ten years ago, I realized all the talk about finding balance in our lives didn't sit well with me. And the more I considered why that was, I began to recognize that the times in my life when I've been most content and most certain I was doing exactly what God had called me to were seasons when I was definitely NOT living the ... [Read More]

3 Reasons Family Traditions Are Important

Last year we completely renovated Scott's grandparents' home. We moved in just before Casiday graduated and in time for all the summer holidays. By the time Fourth of July rolled around, we had already hosted more events in our new home than we had in the house we'd lived in the previous seven years. Building relationships is important to us. Opening our home to others is one way we do that. Whether it's a barn party for the students at our church or a New Year's Eve party with all our ... [Read More]

Make This Year’s Easter Basket More Meaningful

Can you believe it's already April? This year is flying by, isn't it? Easter is this month and it's my favorite holiday. I love the little girls in their frilly socks and smocked dresses. I adore the little boys in bow ties and pastel shirts. And I love the way the Forget the Frock movement has changed how we view what we wear for Easter. {But I am always going to love little girls with frilly socks and little boys with bow ties.} Easter baskets have always been a big deal in our home. ... [Read More]

5 Great Christmas Gifts for Your Mom Friends

Hi friends! If we were sitting together having coffee (which I soooo wish we were!), I bet we'd end up discussing Christmas gifts. And maybe we'd share some of what we've bought or what we hope to find or even what we're wishing might be under the tree for us. I am not the world's greatest gift giver.  Bless Scott's heart, he's received some terrible gifts over the years. (I mean, who knew the cordless telephone/TV remote wasn't the perfect gift??) My heart is in the right place. But ... [Read More]

Family Advent Resources

I love Advent! And when Casiday was little, I loved the idea of making each day leading up to Christmas meaningful and fun.  But in a pastor's home, it can be hard to do anything for 24 days straight through December and she danced in The Nutcracker for several years. So, our family Advent was typically touch and go.  I say that to remind you of this — whatever you do to guide your children's hearts toward the true meaning of Christmas is good! And enough. Don't let Pinterest or Instagram or ... [Read More]

My Favorite Advent Devotionals and Books

My favorite resources for preparing myself, taking stock of my soul, during the Advent season: God With Us: Rediscovering the Meaning of Christmas — This year will be the sixth year I have used this book as my guide through Advent. My dear friend Kristin sent me a copy after she used it in 2012 and it has been, second only to the Bible, the book I love the most at Christmas. I have the original hard cover but there is a less expensive reader's edition as well. Come Let Us Adore Him ... [Read More]