The Advent Invitation

Advent. Advent is an invitation to more than checking days off until Christmas. It's an invitation to take stock of our souls, to prepare our hearts for celebrating the One who has come and will one day come again. It's a season of preparation. I need this. Maybe more than ever this year.2018 has been a mixed bag for me. Yes, we've had some incredible and fun moments. But, on the whole, I've felt a little more disconnected from people and a lot less accomplished than the previous few years. I've ... [Read More]

5 Fun Ideas for FAMILY Thanksgiving Stockings

Thanksgiving stockings? Yep. It's one of my favorite traditions around the Underwood house. Every year, after Thanksgiving dinner is served and cleaned up, when everyone is stuffed and just about ready for a nap, we hand out the Thanksgiving Stockings. 5 FUN IDEAS FOR FAMILY THANKSGIVING STOCKINGS I've written about this fun tradition a few times over the years. And, over the years, our own Thanksgiving stocking contents have varied and evolved. As Casiday has gotten older, we don't ... [Read More]

Planning for the Holidays {3 questions you must answer}

Thanksgiving is just over a week away. Y'all, for real. I cannot figure out where 2017 has gone. But here's what I know, as quickly as the past ten months have flown by, the next two will go even faster. Which means, I need to have a plan in place if I want to be intentional and experience the wonder of the holidays. Planning for the Holidays {3 questions you MUST answer} One of my biggest goals is to be focused on the people and purpose of the holidays and not get distracted by the ... [Read More]

The Gift of LAUGHTER

A couple of years ago my family told me I don't laugh very much. I argued with them to assure them I do laugh. But they were adamant than I didn't laugh very much around them. It seems I was always trying to get something done or frustrated because they were goofing off when I needed help. My husband and my daughter rattled off all the reasons I didn't laugh ... and I realized something — they were right. I wasn't laughing very much, at least not at home. The Gift of Laughter Somehow ... [Read More]

Lopsided Living at Christmas

Can you believe Christmas is just over two weeks away? I don't know about you but to me it really feels like 2016 has flown by. As we've been working out our holiday calendar and plans, we keep coming back to our WHY. This year it's circled back to time for just our little family of three. With the realization that Casiday's senior year is just around the corner, both Scott and I have a keen awareness of the sweetness of these how quickly the time of our girl living here with us is passing ... [Read More]

What’s Your WHY? Living Your Priorities this Christmas

Our family calendar for the next few weeks looks basically like a pack of Bic pens blew up. Places we are supposed to be. Practices we are supposed to attend. Parties we are supposed to host. People we are supposed to see. Supposed. That's such a guilt-inducing word, right? Sort of like "should" and "ought." In my mind, every sentence that includes one of those three words is followed by a sentence beginning with, "But ..." And, honestly, because of the blend of my people-pleasing ... [Read More]