Light in the Dark Places

Sometimes we share the darkest parts of our lives so others can have light in their dark places. Light in the dark places. You know what I mean, right?  The dark places. I so rarely speak of mine. There are a million reasons why and some of them might even have a little bit of merit. But really, it is simply this—I don't like to go back there. Light in the Dark Places I suppose I could blame it on being a pastor's kid and always feeling the weight of expectation. Or I could say it's ... [Read More]

Stories Matter … Tell Yours

Stories matter. When my husband asked me to share a part of my story for a night of worship at our church on Easter, I didn't want to do it. I didn't want to recall the hard and sinful places I'd been. I didn't want to reopen the scarred over cuts. I didn't want to remember the hopelessness. I didn't want to revisit the brokenness and sinfulness. The truth is, I wanted to stay right here, where I am now. I want you to see me the way I am now—the Bible teacher, the wife and mom, the ... [Read More]