So, There Are These Voices in my Head

Yeah. I know. I just confirmed what many of you had already been thinking ... this girl is cray-zee. And I'm probably going to double confirm your belief with what I tell you next — I named the voices. I mean, I didn't give each of them an individual name. But collectively, I call them "the committee." My committee heaves all sorts of expectations on me, constantly reminding me of where and how I don't measure up. Clearly, the committee isn't the most encouraging influence in my life. But ... [Read More]

Choose to Be Present

It's cheerleader tryout week. Which, for most all of you, means absolutely nothing. But here at the Underwood Abode it means 6 or 7 hours of cheer clinics and practices after school every day until Friday. Which means all our relatively normal routines are tossed out the window! :) It would be really easy for me to wish this week gone. To be annoyed with all the extra "stuff" on the schedule. But I'm choosing something different. I choose to be present. Remember a few months ago when I ... [Read More]

What Will You Stop in 2014?

January is often a month filled with starts ... new diets and exercise plans, fresh enthusiasm for spiritual disciplines, renewed commitment to important relationships, and more. But what if we also considered what we need to stop as the year begins? Join me at Not Quite Amish as I share two things I want to stop in 2014! ... [Read More]

Back to School … Already???

School starts today.  Today, y'all.   My sweet girl's last year of middle school begins TODAY.. We spent the weekend at the Watermelon Festival in our community and now, just like that, summer is over. This summer was not been the easiest on record around here. So I'm sorta looking forward to school starting as an opportunity readjust and start again. I've got high expectations for the coming school year. I'm excited to watch my girl cheer and participate in Show Choir programs and ... [Read More]