Yes, It Really Does Matter Where You Shop!

A few weeks ago we were in Charleston and I wanted one of those gorgeous handwoven seagrass baskets from The Market.   But since the teensy ones were around $25, I did not purchase one.   I did however, purchase this one from the store at Hyman's Seafood. Made in Vietnam, this basket looks very similar to the ones available at The Market ... but only cost me $12.  It's perfect for holding all my stationery.   I also bought this etched stone {from India} for only $4.  Both of these items, as ... [Read More]

“NO Payment until 2013!”

Cars. Furniture. Jewelry. Appliances. Basically, anything you want. Buy now, pay later.   Good deal or bad idea? As we {finally!} get back into Richard Foster's ten controlling principles of simplicity, we are at number seven: Look with healthy skepticism at all "buy now, pay later" schemes." (93) I'm not going to launch into a financial management diatribe because I assure you, I am no Dave Ramsey!  But, as I've been praying through a simpler life and contemplating what simplicity looks ... [Read More]

I Need to Hug a Tree

Last night my husband and I watched (sort of) Avatar.   After watching, he commented on Facebook that while it wasn't one of his favorite movies, he felt like he needed to go outside and hug a tree.   Though he was being sarcastic, his statement made me think ... When was the last time I was caught up in the wonder of God's creation? Richard Foster's sixth controlling principle of the discipline of simplicity points to this idea: Develop a deeper appreciation for the creation. My daughter and I ... [Read More]

How Netflix is helping my move toward simplicity

We're looking at the controlling principles of simplicity outlined by Richard Foster in his book Celebration of Discipline each Wednesday here on the blog ... and guess what number five is {drumroll, please!}: Learn to enjoy things without owning them. Yep, it's true ... Netflix has become a key in my move toward simplicity.  And, I didn't even realize it until I started working on this post.   Perhaps you are wondering what the relationship is between our Netflix subscription and my ... [Read More]

And the painful process continues

Seriously, y'all ... this simplicity thing is killin' me. I'm on week four of examining Richard Foster's controlling principles of simplicity and this week booted me all the way back to week one.   You remember week one, right?  The post where I explained why I don't have a MacBook and confessed my love of gadgetry.   Well, guess what principle number four is: Refuse to be propagandized by the custodians of modern gadgetry. Ummm, ouch. I love gadgets. Sitting on my desk as I type are the ... [Read More]

When Doing Something is Simple

Yesterday I shared how growing in simple has been far more complex than I expected. But today, I am asking you to join me in doing something ... making a difference globally ... by doing something very simple. As many of you realize, this morning I'll be volunteering at our local crisis pregnancy center.   For the past twelve years I have been involved with this type of ministry and the opportunity each week to make a difference in the lives of women and families in crisis is truly a great ... [Read More]