when you wonder how how it happened so fast

She turned nineteen on Sunday. NINE. TEEN. Y'all, for real, how is this even possible? Somehow, this has hit me harder than her high school graduation. Which is, I suppose, very weird. But true nonetheless. This beautiful daughter of mine is nineteen. Only one year left of her teens. Which somehow seems like a victory for both of us. We've almost made it. when you wonder how it happened so fast It sort of snuck up on me, this sense of shock about her childhood essentially being over. ... [Read More]

How My One Word for 2019 Chose Me

Do you choose a word for the year? I'll be honest, I usually do; and by, oh I don't know, March, I've forgotten what I chose. I think it goes back to that whole "loves to start, gets bored in the middle, and doesn't finish" thing in my personality. I've had words like intentional, joy, and listen in previous years. But this year, maybe for the first time, my word sort of chose me. Does that sound crazy? Probably so. But it did. And today I thought I'd tell you how it happened. Because, ... [Read More]