Dear Weary Mom, The Hardest Lesson

It's Thursday.  I love Thursdays.  Thursdays around here are for dishing up truth and hope and grace about mothering.  And I'm so glad you are here to join me.  So let's get going . . . This mothering gig is so much harder than I ever thought it would be.  And I'm so much worse at it than I thought I'd be. Seriously, I thought I'd be awesome! Especially at having a teenager.  I mean, my husband was youth pastor for years.  Parenting a child of our own would be a breeze after that. {Yeah, go ... [Read More]

Dear Weary Mom, Be Faithful!

Hey you!  I see you — hot and tired and wondering how much longer the summer heatwave or rainy season (depending on where you live) is going to last.   June swept through our home like a bossy but loveable friend who brings way too much activity and leaves exhaustion in her wake.  After surviving cheer camp, youth camp, and finally a family vacation with four generations of my husband's family, we spent most of last week in simple recovery mode. My girl and her BFF spent more than one day ... [Read More]

Dear Weary Mom, Dig In!!

Oh friend! I wish you were here next to me.  This little note would be so much better as a long chat over yummy chocolate cheesecake and some really good coffee.   I've been thinking about this topic often since I started writing these weekly letters for the weary moms.  We can be a pitiful little sisterhood, you know?  We're frazzled and worn out.  Sometimes we end up in a puddle of tears on the kitchen floor wondering if we'll survive.  I know ... I'm there more often than I ever dreamed I ... [Read More]

Girl Mom? You’ll Love This!!

  Mothers of Daughters {formerly MOD Squad} has relaunched this month as a magazine!  I love writing for this site and being a part of this vibrant community. This month, I'm sharing some thoughts about the aisle of magic ... and how a little box of chemicals taught me a lesson or two about mothering my girl. You'll find amazing writers who love being girl moms ... including my own mom mentor {and gracious writer of the foreword to Parenting from the Overflow} Kate ... [Read More]