Prayers from the Pews {September Prayer Challenge}

{Spend September praying for your church using simple Scripture-based prayer prompts based on the book of Acts. #prayersfromthepews} Can you believe it's already the day after Labor Day? This year has flown by for our family. Maybe it has for yours too? Perhaps you remember that almost a year ago Scott started a new job — he's the Associate Pastor at First Baptist Church in Florence, Alabama.  We've spent the past eleven months learning the ropes at our new church, getting used to a ... [Read More]

15 Ways to Pray for Your Church

I love Easter Sunday. Everything about it ... from the little girls with hairbows bigger than their heads to the teary eyes throughout our sanctuary as we sing of the resurrected Christ. I love the newness Easter brings, the hope and the life we experience in Christ. Last night our church was blessed by the music of the SOZO children's choir from Uganda. {Here is a live video from our Sunday morning service.} Y'all, my heart could have burst as these beautiful children sang of the love and ... [Read More]

When Parents Believe in Dreams

I've been a reader all my life.  There are pictures of me in my crib curled up around the book I was "reading" as I fell asleep.  Similar photos exist of me even in high school ... and even now, my husband has been known to turn off my Kindle after I have fallen asleep reading the latest Karen Kingsbury novel. My parents are also readers.  My mom has an affinity for Steven King and Robin Cook.  My dad leans toward Calvin Miller or re-reading any of Tolkien's works for the hundredth time.  Both ... [Read More]