Praying Scripture for our Daughters and our Marriages

Praying Scripture is powerful!! I suppose it's not a big secret how much I love the Word of God. I've been seriously studying and teaching the Bible for the past twenty years. My ongoing prayer is that God will give me greater passion for His Word and a greater ability to communicate the truths it contains to others. And, I suppose that makes it not a big surprise I want my girl to have that same passion for Scripture. In May, the prayer calendar for Prayers for Girls is focused on a deep ... [Read More]

Coming in May — #MarriagePrayers: 31 Verses to Pray for Your Marriage

How much do you pray for your marriage? June 1, 2016 is Scott's and my 20th anniversary. Twenty years, y'all. {Yes, of course, I was a mere child when we married. Obviously!} When I look back over those years I am in awe of all God has done in and through us. Those two 24-year-olds who said, "I do," were clueless about how hard marriage was going to be. But those two were also completely unprepared for how beautiful marriage was going to be as well. When I think about all we've been ... [Read More]