7 Bible Studies to Jump Start 2020

Here we are at the end of December. It seems like one of the things I keep hearing my friends talk about is wanting to be more intentional about Bible study in 2020. I've been asked for resource recommendations and suggestions about how to start and maintain a time in the Word. I'll be sharing more about this topic throughout the month of January. Today, though, I thought I'd share a few Bible studies that I think can help you kick off the new year in a big way. These are seven studies I ... [Read More]

What I’m Reading {April 2019}

Can you believe we are halfway through April? This year is sailing by ... and I'm not reading nearly as much as I'd like. But I am hoping that will change a little as we move into summer. I'd love to dig into some really good fiction over the summer ... so if you have recommendations, PLEASE leave them in the comments!! WHAT I'M READING {APRIL 2019} BIBLE STUDY I always start by sharing what I'm studying. As you probably know, I'm teaching through Exodus this year at my church. We ... [Read More]

What I’m Reading {March 2019}

Y'all, I am barely reading anything this month. No joke. With our Refresh conference happening this weekend and preparing for the Enjoy God's Word conference next month, I've basically only been reading things directly connected to what I'm studying and/or teaching. While I will share what's on my very small stack, I'd love to hear from you about what you are reading. There are a few books coming out in the next few weeks/months that I am excited about so I'll share those ... [Read More]

What I’m Reading {February 2019}

Hey friends! Last week we bought some of those cube storage things for Scott's vinyl collection. I made a spreadsheet so we'd know what albums he had (this is necessary because he had duplicates of several and even three copies of a few and also because I like spreadsheets).  When we were done, there were 463 records on the list. Yes, that's a lot of vinyl. Naturally, I was teasing him about the number ... and then he pointed to the three FULL bookshelves also in our living room and I realized ... [Read More]

The Bottom Line about Your Quiet Time

Was one of your resolutions or goals for the new year related to time in the Word? Maybe you decided you were going to read the Bible through this year. Perhaps you determined to get up earlier every day so you'd have more time to spend in prayer and Bible study. And, if you made some sort of declaration in this area, it's also likely that you're already finding it hard to stay with it. {I feel ya, I've been there!} Over the years, I have written a lot of posts about quiet times and how ... [Read More]

What I’m Reading {March 2018}

I can't believe it's already March and I'm just now sharing my first What I'm Reading post of the year. Crazy. But that probably also tells you how little I've actually had time to read. (insert very sad face) Nonetheless, I couldn't let 2018 get any further along without sharing with you some of the incredible books I've been reading lately. And I figured I'd go ahead and recommend a few Mother's Day gift ideas as well ... I know it's early still but, if you're like me, that holiday can ... [Read More]