The Hows & Whys of a Quiet Time

Have a consistent quiet time. I'd imagine it's one of the top ten new year's resolutions by Christian women. We say it and we mean it. But, if I were guessing, I'd say there's a whole bunch of us who say it and mean it but really have no idea how to have a quiet time or why it matters. If that's you, you're in the right place. THE HOWS & WHYS OF A QUIET TIME I've learned something over the years of teaching the Bible, leading in women's ministry, and mentoring both girls and ... [Read More]

Surviving Summer with Your Quiet Time Intact

I really meant to write this yesterday. But, summer ... Which, I suppose, just proves my point, right? That summertime can wreak havoc on our very best plans and intentions. So how do we navigate the way summer can change our schedules and still manage to have consistent quiet times? Surviving Summer with Your Quiet Time Intact If you've been reading here for long, you are well aware I am a big advocate of having a daily time of prayer and Bible study. But you also know I definitely ... [Read More]

15 Great Bible Studies for Women

So, almost six years ago I wrote a little post titled Top Ten Bible Study Recommendations and, y'all, it keeps pushing its way to the top of the pile around here. Those ten recommendations are still some of my favorites but I figured it might be time for an updated list. :) 15 Great Bible Studies for Women First a couple of caveats ... because undoubtedly I will leave off your favorite study, right? This list does not include what I call "book studies" which are often found lumped in with ... [Read More]

How to Develop a Consistent Quiet Time Once and For All

"I just can't get it going. I know it's important. I really do. But I just can't maintain a consistent quiet time. I get bored or I oversleep or I fall asleep before I can do it at night. I give up." I sat there with my friend, trying to come up with something to say. I knew what she meant. I've felt those same things, had those same thoughts. I've even given up a time or two myself. If you've been in church or women's Bible study for very long, you've heard the admonishments and ... [Read More]

What I’m Reading {September 2016}

Y'all, my book stack is HUGE. Seriously. But so many of my friends are writing so many great books ... and I want to tell you all about all of them. But then all I'd be talking about is books and while I love books, I also have other things I want to share with you so these posts are my way of giving you information about what I'm reading and what books I think you'd love. {Also, that was seriously a crazy run-on sentence. ha!} So, here the books I'm working my way through in September. {The ... [Read More]

My New Journaling Bible || HCSB Illustrator’s Notetaking Bible

So, I have a new journaling Bible. Yes, this makes three. Whatev. :) I use my journaling Bibles in different ways and I have loved experimenting with techniques and tools. I love the way I can slow down and meditate on a passage or idea or even a word as I create on the pages of my Bible. It has become a very important part of my time in the Word. And I've also loved the challenge of learning new ways to illustrate what God is showing me. I am a pretty good hand letterer ... but, y'all, I ... [Read More]