IF THIS, THEN THAT: A Simple Guide to Choosing a Summer Bible Study

Have you seen the IFTTT app? Designed to connect every part of our online lives from social media to productivity, from news to healthy living, IFTTT is the answer to it all. Full disclosure, I just signed up for the app this morning so I can't verify that claim. But if it's even half-true, I'm going to love it. :) As I was looking at all my IFTTT options, I started thinking how cool it would be if we could create a formula to help us figure out what is the best Bible study plan to use ... [Read More]

Simple Bible Study for Busy Women

Last week I was talking to my friend Britta. We were dreaming about some big ideas God has placed inside our hearts and brainstorming together some of the ways we could partner to see those ideas turn into realities. One of the passions we share is encouraging women to interact with Scripture and to help them see how the Word of God intersects with daily life. It's no secret around here how deeply passionate I am about the value of daily time in the Word ... but I'm equally desperate to ... [Read More]