Tools of the Trade: Resource Recommendations

Honestly, this is hard to do.  I have so many favorites resources.  But I'm going to narrow it down to just a few suggestions in several categories. Bibles: I love my New Living Translation Life Application Study Bible for devotional reading. I use the English Standard Version for most of my writing and study. {Which you can get free for Kindle or Kindle apps!} My favorite study Bible is the Hebrew-Greek Key Word Study Bible. Devotions: Jesus Calling Streams in the Desert Study Tools ... [Read More]

A MOD Squad Mom reviews a MOB Society Book!

A woman of prayer.  Powerful, effective, fervent prayer.  A righteous woman, grounded in the Word of God ... generating a legacy and heritage of faithfulness not to church or religion but to the Word-Made-Flesh. That's my desire.   My heart's deepest longing ... to know Him, to know His Word, and to live in Him, abide in Him. And with that desire, comes a hunger for knowledge, for inspiration, for encouragement, for challenge ... from others who have trod the path or are currently near me on ... [Read More]