What if … We Take a Nap

Today's post in the "What if ... 10 ways to live well in today's world" is another tough one for many of us. After contemplating what it means to do something instead of everything and understanding that sometimes good enough is enough, it's time to learn how important it is to make resting a priority. What if ... we take a nap? Jesus said He’d come so we could have “life abundantly” {John 10:10} and He promised us rest when we come to Him weary and heavy-laden {Matthew 11:28}. Far too often ... [Read More]

Slowing Down When Life Is Busy

Lately I've sort of felt like I've been meeting myself coming and going.  We're in the beginning weeks of the busiest time of year at the Underwood Abode. From the time school starts until the National Championship football game, it's full speed ahead. You'd think after years of it being this way, I wouldn't find myself so shocked when it all starts. But here I sit, two and a half weeks into September, thinking, "Oh my word! I'm tired already." My body and soul need space and quiet and rest. ... [Read More]

Summer Update

I'm the worst blogger ever. It's true ... I want to write.  I mean to write. But then somehow I end up watching a "Friends" marathon with my girl and I realize how very uninteresting a story that makes so I make a list of blog posts I could write.  You know, things like "101 books you should read this summer" or "Tips for Looking Busy" ... The thing is, well, there's been a lot going on around here and I'm pretty much an epic failure at multitasking. {And perhaps I have a very low standard ... [Read More]

Uncomfortable Places

So, yeah, I'm still here. I want to share everything — all. the. stuff. — God has been showing me and doing in and around me. I start pecking out words on the keyboard and somehow what I write seems small compared to what I'm experiencing. The words are not enough to explain and reveal the layers of all I'm learning. But there's also this other thing, this tugging awareness that sometimes what God reveals to me is not for public consumption. Sometimes, He isn't teaching me so I'll teach ... [Read More]

We Rested

We spent our spring break at my parents' house in Missouri. There's just nothing like going to your momma and daddy's house, is there? My mom was sick most of March so I spent a couple of days getting her laundry caught up and helping her with whatever she needed.  My daddy took most of the week off while we were there. It was not one of those weeks packed with activity. We went shopping for a few hours one day and saw the new Muppets movie another. But mostly we just hung out. The girl spent ... [Read More]

Prioritize Rest

Today I took a 3-1/2 hour nap. I didn't really have time for that. I had three blog posts to write for different sites. There are literally no clean towels in my house.  The dishes from supper last night are still in the sink. But I was exhausted. I need about eight hours of sleep per night.  I've accepted this about myself.  I don't function well when I don't get at least seven hours of sleep every night.  And this week has been crazy.  Between away games and church and early morning ... [Read More]