I’m Headed Back to She Speaks!

Four years ago I was in the throes of writing a book proposal. Lessons from the Hundred Acre Wood was to be my dazzling entrance into the world of traditional publication. I'd studied the best information available concerning form and content for nonfiction proposals. I'd spent hours writing and rewriting every sentence of my sample chapters to provide representatives from publishing houses a glimpse of my writing prowess. And finally, early one July morning in 2010, I climbed into my car ... [Read More]

Adding Anything Affects Everything {a God-sized dreams post}

Several years ago I learned a hard lesson about myself:  I'm a control freak. My need for perfection, to be seen as capable, to never disappoint, that desire for approval was destroying me ... and it was costing me more than realized. I spent a lot of time studying Proverbs 31. In fact, I spent most of 2006 and 2007 digging deep into those passages and looking at the words and phrases, comparing them to other passages of Scripture about women. What I learned changed me. By October of 2007, ... [Read More]