So what’s a woman to do?? Spiritual Practices of Faithful Women

While we are in the Holy Land, I'll have the opportunity to share with our group a short teaching/message while we are at a church in Magdala. {Yes, that Magdala ... I can't even believe it!} The church there has a place set aside to honor the contributions of women in the ministry of Jesus and the early church. As I've been considering what I want to share with our group and whoever else happens to be nearby to hear, I've spent some time looking specifically at the women named {either by ... [Read More]

10 Ways to Keep Scripture in Front of Our Girls

Whew, y'all, it's summer in Alabama for sure. Which is to say that it's already nine thousand degrees outside with ten thousand percent humidity. Basically, I'll be "glistening" until my birthday in October. Gotta love the South. ha!! Casiday wrapped her first year in college earlier this month and starts her summer classes next week. {She's taking Physics which just proves, again, that she is my total opposite.} Summer can be a mixed bag for moms — we love the freedom from schedules and ... [Read More]

When Prayer Goes Deep

It's crazy to me that someone who is a self-described prayer failure has written not one but two books about prayer. Over the years, I've realized that most of us, if we're honest, feel like prayer failures. We just aren't sure what or how to pray. And, for many people, that means our prayer life isn't nearly as strong as other areas. But here's what I'm finding, the older I get — our spiritual life is only as strong as our prayer life. Prayer is the foundation of everything else we do. It's ... [Read More]

3 Great Reasons to Attend the ENJOY GOD’S WORD Conference

Y'all, I have the best news to share today.  If you have ever desired to know more about how study your Bible, how to engage in prayer, and how to strengthen your spiritual muscles, ENJOY GOD'S WORD online Bible conference is for you. Today I'm sharing 3 of the reasons I believe every woman I know could benefit from getting a ticket to this event. It's that good. 3 Great Reasons to Attend the ENJOY GOD'S WORD Online Bible Conference I know, online conferences can seem strange to a lot ... [Read More]