4 Truths about Time

What a week, y'all!  I've challenged myself and been oh-so-encouraged by your comments.  From realizing that 24 hours is never going to be enough and exploring ways to create time all the way to figuring out MITs and finally getting a grip on social media, we've covered a lot of ground. Today, though, we're going back to the beginning.   If we really want to get a handle on our time, we need to realize the truth about time.  I went to the Source on this one.   After several hours of scouring ... [Read More]

10 Tips for Creating Time

In the words of the old D C Talk song, "Time is tickin' away, tick, tick, tickin' away." And it's true, y'all, time really is "tickin' away." It is our most finite resource and the truth is we really can't create more of it.  But there are ways to redeem the time we have, to use it more intentionally and more efficiently.     Here are ten ideas for managing your time better. Plan well.  As the old saying goes, "If you don't plan your day, someone else will."  Take control of your time. ... [Read More]

24 Hours Is Never Enough

"Effective time management isn't the key to a completed to-do list, it's the key to an accomplished life."  Amy Lynn Andrews Do you yearn for an extra hour in your day?  An extra day in your week? Do you feel as though your "to do list" will never be complete?   That no matter how hard you work, the work is never done? May I suggest a difficult idea?   Perhaps, just perhaps, your ideas about time are not in line with God's truth about time. See then that you walk circumspectly, not as fools ... [Read More]

Starting Well in 2012 {Index}

Week 1:  Quiet Time ... discipline in my spiritual life Devotions, Quiet Times, Personal Bible Study.  Is is really necessary?  "God is not interested in your quiet time or devotions or personal Bible study … His interest is YOU." 10 Tips for a Great Quiet Time "Spending time in the Word is important … but how that happens and for how long on any given day?  I’m just not sure that is quite as big a deal to God as it seems to be to us sometimes." Memorize, Meditate, and Meander:  Storing Up ... [Read More]

10 Tips for a Meaningful Christmas

Christmas is less than a week away.  Based on the Facebook status updates racing through my feed, the theme of these last few days is RUSH. Rush to buy. Rush to wrap. Rush to bake. Rush to give. Rush to clean. Rush to pack. Rush to go. Rush. It's hard to find meaningful when you are rushing.  {Honestly, it's hard to find the car keys in the midst of the rush!}  Somehow Advent - the season of anticipation - has become Accelerate - the season of too many irons in the fire. Perhaps, Dr. ... [Read More]

10 Tips for a Happy Thanksgiving

I know ... Thanksgiving is happy.  But it's also very stressful and chaotic, especially for the mom/chef/baker/photograph taker.    So, I thought I'd offer some ideas for the most frantic demographic on Thanksgiving Day - the moms. Make double of whatever you can.   This won't actually save you any time now; but, at Christmas when your mac & cheese is already mixed up and in the freezer ready to be thawed and cooked, you'll be glad you did it!  {I make double mac & cheese, ... [Read More]