Don’t Forget to Remember {or why you need Thanksgiving traditions}

"Take care lest you forget ..." Several times in Deuteronomy the Lord speaks these words to the Israelites. He knew their hearts could easily be distracted from all He had done for them— things like, rescuing them from their bondage in Egypt, splitting the Red Sea, providing them manna and quail in the wilderness, sand guiding them to the Promised Land. Can you imagine forgetting to remember those things? Letting the mundane of life sweep aside the powerful ways God had delivered you? ... [Read More]

25 Ideas for Thanksgiving Stocking Stuffers

Thanksgiving stockings. Yes, you read that right. It's my favorite tradition here at the Underwood abode. Scott and I were trying to remember when we started it ... and we're just pretty sure it was within the first year or two of our marriage.  Here's the gist: We realized there are all sorts of little Christmas-y goodies we loved to gift but it seemed silly to put them into Christmas stockings because what fun are Christmas socks on Christmas morning?  So, we started our Thanksgiving ... [Read More]