28 Days, 28 Ways: Pray for His Wife

{Sundays are going to be our prayer days in this series. Each week I'll offer a guide for you to use as you invest in your marriage through prayer.} Pray for His Wife Yeah, I'm going there. In fact, I'm going there first — before I ever share ways you can pray for your husband. Stormie Omartian explains it far better than I could in her book, The Power of  a Praying Wife: The hard part about being a praying wife, other than the sacrifice of time, is maintaining a pure heart. It must be ... [Read More]

10 Ways to Speak Well of Your Husband

I love this guy!  And I'm so thankful he loves me back.  To be the only beautiful one in his life is an honor I never intend to take lightly. But, if I'm honest, sometimes I do take what we have lightly.  I neglect the relationship here on earth that matters most.  I pour myself out for others and he gets the remnants.   I nag, complain, and whine ... and I sap his strength {See Proverbs 12:4 NLT}. But this post isn't for my confessions, it's to offer all 10 simple ways to speak well of ... [Read More]

Are You a Nagging Wife?

This post is part of a series I did several years ago: Starting Well in 2012.  This week our topic is a tough one:  Marriage.  More specifically, we'll be talking about our role as wives ... and be prepared, we're going to cover some tough topics! Starting with one of the most difficult ... our mouths!   I don't know about y'all but sometimes my mouth gets ahead of my brain.  And that usually results in disaster! Let's look at what the writers of Proverbs tell us about wives and ... [Read More]