The One Thing We Need to Remember about Ministry to Women

{This is the second post in a series about leading ministry to women in small churches. You can keep up with all the posts here.} Some of my closest friends lead and serve in women's ministry at big churches. They plan events for 350+ women (which, by the way, is more people than we have in our entire church on our high attendance Sundays). Their Bible studies involve hundreds of women. They are doing amazing things. I love hearing how God is moving in their ministries and growing the women they ... [Read More]

Are you serving women in your {smaller} church? This is for you!

{If you've ever felt like your church was too small or you didn't have enough women for a powerful and effective ministry to women, read on. This is for you!} "Our church isn't really big enough to do much. We only have about 15 women." "It's so hard to plan anything for our women because there are so few of us and everyone has so much on their plates." "We honestly can't afford to do much. We have no budget and our congregation doesn't have a lot of disposable income." "It makes me ... [Read More]

Living as People of the Cross {and an invitation!}

We are the people of the cross. Has a phrase ever nestled down inside your heart and buried itself so deep in your mind you can't seem to escape it? Last year we got the latest Selah album and while I love several of the songs, this one is the one I can't seem to escape — We are the people of the cross. What does that mean? How does that look in my everyday, not super exciting life? These are a few of the questions that have burned in me since I first heard this song. I've listened ... [Read More]

The 4 Ts of Choosing a Bible Study

So there you are, standing in the Bible study section of your local Christian bookstore? Or maybe you searched "Bible studies" on Amazon? And now, looking at the massive selection, there is only one word to describe how you feel— OVERWHELMED! Whether you are a women's ministry leader selecting the studies you will offer at your church, a small group leader trying to determine the next study your group will do, or you are simply looking for a study to do by yourself at home, the choices are ... [Read More]