Teri Lynne Underwood: author, speaker, teacher || encouraging lives where the sacred and secular collide

I’m Teri Lynne. And here are few things you should know about me …

I *really* love words and THE Word.

I’m an aspiring gardener and a published author.

I love to wrestle through hard topics but then I want to take a nap.

I’m back in college as an almost-50-year-old. It’s a crazy story about how God meets us in our grief and brings new dreams into our broken hearts. 

Mostly, I’m just a middle-aged woman who doesn’t mind being busy and finds great joy in long conversations and a good cup of tea. 

Scripture Dig: Develop the habit. Invest in others. Grow your faith.

My favorite thing is gathering with women around a table and digging into God’s Word together. Scripture Dig is a multi-generational community of women who gather around a virtual table to read and explore the Bible. It’s a beautiful place and you are so welcome there. Learn more and dig in with us.