Seeing the Gifts of God in Every Day Life: an invitation to lopsided living

Lopsided Living.

The purposeful pursuit of an unbalanced life. A better way to a fuller life. Experiencing life to the full even when your full calendar threatens to explode.

It’s a constant theme around here … this moving from frantic to full, from hurried to hushed. But maybe you’re not really sure how this whole choosing an unbalanced life can really work with your decidedly insane schedule.

I get it! And that is exactly what this new lopsided living series is all about.

Seeing the gifts of God in every day life: an invitation to lopsided living. Spend October noticing all God is doing in, for, through, and around you.

Lopsided Living.

It sounds crazy, right? To reject the notion of balance in favor of fullness? I know. People still look at me like I’ve got two heads whenever I start sharing about lopsided living.  But these ideas intrigue even the skeptics —

It’s a way of thinking and prioritizing, of planning and living. It isn’t about balance or getting it all done.  Instead, lopsided living is an invitation to leave some things undone or unfinished, to say with confidence, “Sometimes good enough really is enough.”

But it’s also a beacon call for choosing best over good … for saying no to the things that drain us so we can say yes to the things that fill us.

If this appeals to you, you’re in the right place.

But be forewarned, this isn’t about 10 simple steps to an abundant life.  And the lopsided living journey isn’t always easy. Some seasons are hard, really hard. And the busy days aren’t always fun but that doesn’t mean they are bad.

In October 2017, I’m inviting you to join me in lopsided living.

You don’t have to make a list of priorities or rearrange your schedule. This invitation isn’t about what we do — instead this is an invitation to notice.

Every weekday, I’ll share a prompt with you … a gift of God we have in our every day lives. Whether your days are busy or mundane, I’m inviting you to stop and see what God is doing in your space, in your life, in your heart right now.

And, because I know life is crazy and it’s easy to get behind or forget even the things we really want to do, I’m making it super easy for you to keep up.  You can bookmark this page where each of the gifts will be listed so you can access them as you have time. Or you can sign up to receive a short email every morning as I share a new gift and invitation to notice. Easy peasy, right?

Over the next month, we’ll be exploring 20 incredible gifts God gives us every day, things we may not stop to consider but gifts that change our lives in every way. I hope you’ll join me!

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Teri Lynne

Seeing the gifts of God in every day life: an invitation to lopsided living. Spend October noticing all God is doing in, for, through, and around you.

Day 1: Welcome to Crazy Town {We have to start here … with the truth that this doesn’t seem to make sense and we’re not even really sure how to make it work when our lives look pretty crazy. But we have to start here … with the hope there’s something more than merely surviving, the belief that we can see how God is always at work around us and in us and for us. We may start at Crazy Town … but we won’t end there!}

Day 2: The Gift of ABUNDANT LIFE {Our enemy wants us to be distracted by all we don’t have, all that’s missing in life. His purpose is to steal our joy, to kill our faith, and to destroy our hope. In my life, I’ve seen this happen when I’m tired or weary or sometimes it happens when I get distracted by comparison or even competition.  But the abundant life we have in Christ isn’t about what we don’t have — it’s rooted in all those things we do have!}

Day 3: The Gift of SALVATION {When we stop to consider the salvation God has so generously given, we realize how little we bring to the table. We come lost, empty, and broken — and He gives us purpose, fullness, and healing.}

Day 4: The Gift of GRACE {How often do we fail to remember that He is ever present in our lives, always there to hear our prayers, to respond to our call? Perhaps, what we need now more than ever, is to remember grace is both the provision of God for us to know salvation AND the invitation of God to draw near to Him.}

Day 5: The Gift of SERVING {How we use our time is an important measure of our understanding of God’s generosity to us. The gift of serving others is never a waste of our time, rather it’s a reflection of our abiding in Christ.}

Day 6: The Gift of FORGIVENESS {We forgive because we’ve been forgiven. Period. The truth is, no one has ever sinned against me more than I’ve sinned against God. And because I’ve received His forgiveness, I can’t NOT forgive someone else.}

Day 7: The Gift of WISDOM {We all need wisdom. But sometimes we seek it from the wrong places. The purest gift of wisdom is a generous gift from our loving Father.}

Day 8: The Gift of CONTENTMENT {Paul learned contentment & so can we as we begin to recognize it is always about our dependence on Christ and never about our circumstances.}

Day 9: The Gift of RELATIONSHIPS {The gift of relationships is an opportunity for us to reflect the heart of God. 2 lessons from Ruth & Naomi’s story.}

Day 10: The Gift of NEARNESS {Sometimes we avoid drawing near to God not because of what we’ll discover about Him —  but because we know what we’ll discover about ourselves}

Day 11: The Gift of SONG {May the song of our lives speak of God’s love for the world. It’s easy to let the busy-ness of life and the hurts we experience change our song. If your song isn’t one of glory to Him, ask God to give you a new song.}

Day 12: The Gift of PEACE {One of the great challenges of being a Christ-follower is the admonition to pursue peace. We’re called to live in peace, to promote peace, to offer peace. In all situations, with all people.}

Day 13: The Gift of UNDERSTANDING {Extending understanding in our relationships opens the door to deeper friendships and deeper love. This gift of understanding isn’t just a good idea, it’s a godly imperative.}