My 10 Favorite Bible Studies from The Daily Grace Co.

My very favorite place to get Bible studies — for individual and group use — is The Daily Grace Co. The studies are biblically sound and aesthetically gorgeous. But what I love most of all is that each study is deigned to grow inductive Bible study skills. Over the past few years, I've had the opportunity to go through MANY of The Daily Grace Co. studies either on my own, with another person, or in a group. And I have never been disappointed. Note: The links below are affiliate links. I ... [Read More]

Abundance or Scarcity: How are you living?

The thief comes only in order to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance [to the full, till it overflows].John 10:10 AMP I find myself returning to this verse time and again because it reminds me of a vital truth for believers — God has called us to a life of abundance not scarcity! From the very beginning our enemy has wanted us to believe that God is not telling us the truth, that He doesn't really love us, that He doesn't really ... [Read More]

If You Struggle with Prayer, You’re Not Alone

You'd think, I suppose, that someone who has written two books on prayer, created four years of prayer calendars for girl moms, worked for a prayer-focused ministry, and shares simple sentence prayers every day online would feel fairly confidence in praying. You'd be wrong. I most often describe myself as a prayer failure. Prayer, as much as I believe how necessary and beautiful it is in the life of a follower of Christ, does not come naturally or easily for me. So, if that rings true for ... [Read More]

Summer in the Psalms

2020 was hard, right? Our family, while so very fortunate in many ways, experienced the loss of my mother-in-law in April last year. That, even more than COVID, shaped everything else about 2020. While she had battled cancer for almost two years, the waves of grief I felt (and still feel) leveled me. I couldn't pray, couldn't read, couldn't study ... I had a very hard time sitting still and focusing. I didn't know what to pray, what to do, how to feel, how to navigate the feelings I had ... [Read More]

What Is Biblical Meditation and Why Should I Do It?

When you hear the word "meditation" what do you think of? Sitting cross-legged, hands up, saying "oooohhhmm"? For so many of us, the idea of meditating has a weird connotation, particularly if you grew up, as I did, in a conservative, evangelical culture. Here's the thing, though, the Bible speaks of meditation — and it speaks of it often. So maybe we need to reevaluate our understanding and figure out what biblical meditation is and why it's important for us to practice it as ... [Read More]

My One Rule for Quarantine

When Casiday was little I always told her she only had one rule — obey. As long as she obeyed us, she would be doing what she was expected to do. It simplified things a lot also. The one rule was the name no matter where she was. At church, obey the leaders. At school, obey the teachers. Visiting family, obey the adults. Basically, that was the only rule she had for most of her childhood. Obey. I've been thinking about that one rule idea a lot now that we're in week five of social ... [Read More]