How to Raise an Esther in a World that Loves the Kardashians

{Note: I had the BEST conversation on this topic with my friends Brooke and Erin on the Million Praying Moms podcast. You can listen here.} Last week, Casiday and I were in Sephora, which is basically a department store of makeup.  She wandered the aisles looking at brushes and serums and palettes.  I followed behind, asking what I hope were reasonably intelligent questions. My girl loves makeup.  She loves trying new products and new techniques. She watches YouTube tutorials and pays ... [Read More]

Tame the Beast & Trust the Beauty

Can we talk about one of the most important conversations we can have with our teenage daughters? In fact, I believe this one topic can be the most significant one we discuss after salvation. Developing a biblical framework in this one area can radically change every other aspect of our daughter's self-perception and their relationships with others. What is this topic? Tame the Beast & Trust the Beauty My favorite Disney animation has been remade into a live action movie and it ... [Read More]