Dear Weary Mom, God is Faithful!

Dear Weary Mom, Do you ever feel like a total failure as a mom? I suppose if we're honest, we have all felt that way at some point.  We spend more time than we ought contemplating every mistake, bleep, and blunder.  We lie awake at night regretting the words spoken in anger.  And, maybe, you've even had those moments of wondering if perhaps you weren't really cut out for this whole mothering thing. Can I whisper some words of encouragement into your ear? God is faithful, friend! And He ... [Read More]

Dear Weary Mom, The Hardest Lesson

It's Thursday.  I love Thursdays.  Thursdays around here are for dishing up truth and hope and grace about mothering.  And I'm so glad you are here to join me.  So let's get going . . . This mothering gig is so much harder than I ever thought it would be.  And I'm so much worse at it than I thought I'd be. Seriously, I thought I'd be awesome! Especially at having a teenager.  I mean, my husband was youth pastor for years.  Parenting a child of our own would be a breeze after that. {Yeah, go ... [Read More]

Dear Weary Mom, Be Faithful!

Hey you!  I see you — hot and tired and wondering how much longer the summer heatwave or rainy season (depending on where you live) is going to last.   June swept through our home like a bossy but loveable friend who brings way too much activity and leaves exhaustion in her wake.  After surviving cheer camp, youth camp, and finally a family vacation with four generations of my husband's family, we spent most of last week in simple recovery mode. My girl and her BFF spent more than one day ... [Read More]

Dear Weary Mom, Invite Someone into Your Mess

It's Thursday, which is rapidly becoming my favorite day of the week around here. I love being able to pour out my heart about all the ways this mom gig can drain me dry.  And I love the way you all leave the sweetest comments to remind me I'm not alone and there is hope!! This week, I'm sharing about hitting rock bottom as a mom over at the Hope for the Weary Mom blog.   It's got all the makings of a good story — teenage hormones, 40-something hormones, door slamming, soul searching, sin ... [Read More]

Dear Weary Mom, Meet My Friends

I'm at youth camp. In Panama City Beach. While I am having some real issues with the idea that I have a daughter old enough to attend youth camp, I am enjoying myself. {Though to be honest, I'm more weary of body than of mind and spirit at this point!} So, since I'm out of town, I didn't do a Dear Weary Mom letter. Here's why ... each week you all leave the sweetest comments and share your own weary burdens. It blesses me and encourages me and I love every comment you leave. I don't want ... [Read More]

Dear Weary Mom, Dig In!!

Oh friend! I wish you were here next to me.  This little note would be so much better as a long chat over yummy chocolate cheesecake and some really good coffee.   I've been thinking about this topic often since I started writing these weekly letters for the weary moms.  We can be a pitiful little sisterhood, you know?  We're frazzled and worn out.  Sometimes we end up in a puddle of tears on the kitchen floor wondering if we'll survive.  I know ... I'm there more often than I ever dreamed I ... [Read More]