Dear Weary Mom, Meet My Friends

Dear Weary Mom

I’m at youth camp. In Panama City Beach. While I am having some real issues with the idea that I have a daughter old enough to attend youth camp, I am enjoying myself.

{Though to be honest, I’m more weary of body than of mind and spirit at this point!}

So, since I’m out of town, I didn’t do a Dear Weary Mom letter. Here’s why … each week you all leave the sweetest comments and share your own weary burdens. It blesses me and encourages me and I love every comment you leave. I don’t want those comments to sit there unanswered. They are too precious to me. YOU are too precious to me.

Instead, I want you to go visit the Hope for the Weary Mom site today and read the letter there … then go check out all the other letters linked up. There are some beautiful moms who are looking past weary and grabbing hold of hope who hang out there every Thursday. You’ll love them, I promise!

Next week, I’ll be sharing my Dear Weary Mom letter on the HFTWM website. So look at this week as a practice run for clicking over! 🙂

Go, meet my friends!!

xo from the beach,

Teri Lynne

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