Fourteen Years Ago …

On June 12, 1995, I went an “Eternity” concert with a friend who had a crush on one of the guys who was singing. I had very low expectations of the event and was not particularly interested in going. But, I had no better offer for that night so…. off to the concert I went.

The music was okay. The guy my friend wanted to see talked to her and she was excited. During the concert the baritone singer was introducing everyone and mentioned where he was from – Muscle Shoals, Alabama. Probably not even remotely intriguing to anyone else in the room but I actually knew someone from the Shoals and had just moved back to Missouri from Huntsville, AL, just an hour from Muscle Shoals.

So, after the concert I introduced myself to the guy who was mildly annoyed that I had interrupted his conversation with his grandparents who had traveled from Muscle Shoals, AL, to Hannibal, MO, to hear him sing and celebrate his 24th birthday with him. I guess you could say I did not make a striking first impression. LOL

The guy was back in Missouri, though, later that summer working at a youth camp. We spent a significant amount of time together. I mean A LOT of time! Then he went home and we spent a ridiculously expensive amount of time together on the phone …. remember this was before cell phone and free nights & weekends.

Fast forward to June 1, 1996 … my wedding day to this amazing man who I had known less than a year.

Now, on the 14th anniversary of our first meeting and on his birthday I say, “I love you, Scott! More today than yesterday. Our life is bigger and better than I could ever have dreamed. Thank you for listening when I told you that we were supposed to get married!”

I wrote a very long post on our anniversary and put it on “Thoughts & Ponderings” … here is an excerpt …

Scott, you are my husband, my lover, my confidante, my soul mate – the very beat of my heart and the sparkle in my eye. You are the man who takes my breath away and breathes life into every day we share together. You bring me joy and laughter and you hold me close in times of fear and grief. Thank you for making me smile and wiping away my tears. I am the luckiest (and most blessed!) girl I know. Becoming your wife was the most significant thing, outside of my salvation, that has ever happened to me. Being your wife the most precious thing, outside of my relationship with Christ, in my life. You are my hero, my knight in shining armor, the fulfiller of my dreams, the fixer of my problems, and the joy of my ife. I love you. Always.

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  1. Terilynneu, this is so sweet. Congrats on your ann. Have a wonderful weekend watching your daughter dance…

    Believe it or not…I have an Aunt from Muscle Shoals, and my grandmother lives in Killen. I used to visit there often. How funny.

    And if your ever up the Greenville way please let me know…we can grab a cup of coffee or something.

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