Public School Does NOT Equal Bad Parents

I have a pretty wide circle of friends … both online and in real life.  And we have lots of differing points of view on lots of different topics.  I try to be pretty neutral here about many of those topics which can be very divisive.

But there is something I think needs to be said …

Sending your children to public school is not a sin.

Now, let me add this, if God has led you to do otherwise, you should certainly be obedient to Him … but, truly, from my heart, I want to encourage the countless people who have CHOSEN or are in situations that require them to place their children into public schools.  God is NOT disappointed in you and you are NOT failing your children spiritually!!

Let me share our story …

My husband and I attended public schools … good public schools where we received quality educations and were blessed to be surrounded by teachers who were Christians and lived out their faith in front of us.  We were raised in communities where faith was an integral part of everything done and we were blessed to attend churches where we received solid foundations in our spiritual lives.

When we had our girl, we both had some concerns (I more than he) about placing her in public school.  Thus, the girl’s educational journey began at a small private Christian school when she was three and attended their preschool.  She continued there through first grade … and we were blessed by the many amazing teachers she had and the genuine love for the Lord we saw nurtured and encouraged in her life.

Over the course of her year in first grade, we began feeling the Lord leading us in a different direction.  We prayed and both felt an absolute peace about transferring her to public school for second grade.  We prayed about all our options and discussed homeschooling for that one year as a transition.  But, there was just an overwhelming sense that God wanted us to place her in public school

We took the heat!  From parents of children in Christian school and homeschooling families … and it was hard.  These well-intentioned, kind-hearted individuals were not just questioning our decision … they were, in effect, questioning our judgment, our spiritual faithfulness, and our ability as parents to do what is best for our child.

But lest you think I am being critical of anyone else, realize this … six years ago ~ I was the same way! 

I was so sure and certain that “I” had been granted THE wisdom about the best way to provide for a child’s education.  And in my confidence, I said things to others about which I have since had to extend an apology, acknowledge my arrogance, and humbly trust that the Lord grants wisdom to ALL who seek it (James 1:5).

Did I struggle with the choice to send her to public school?  ABSOLUTELY!  I cried the whole way home from leaving her that first day of school.  But how God ministered to me and granted me encouragement and assurance that we were, indeed, following His instruction.  Her teacher that year was a precious woman who loves the Lord and attends another church in our community.  But the girl loved her and second grade was wonderful!

Three years into  her public school experience, the girl had opportunities to live out her faith and impact her classroom in amazing ways! Here are a few …

In 2nd grade … She was picked on and teased by a little boy who called her “White Christian Barbie.”  HER response was to ask me to pray for him … and we did … every.single.night.  He made fun of her all year long but she was kind and continued to pray.

In 3rd grade … She was student of the week in her class and got to bring a scrapbook to share about her life.  Included, was a picture of her baptism … for 20 minutes, my child was able to share her faith with her fellow students as they asked her questions about why she got baptized and what it meant.  As a parent, I have never been so proud of my daughter as I was that day … she confidently shared her faith with her peers.

In 4th grade … We’ve had a rough year.  She and her teacher have not “gelled” … at. all.  But she’s got a new best friend.  A little girl who lives behind us and is in her class.  S is a Jehovah’s Witness … and our sweet girl has learned to be friends with someone who believes differently than we do.  She has shared with S what we believe and why … and showed her Scriptures about Jesus and how to be saved.  The girl prays for S … and she treats her with such respect and compassion.  Through Christmas,she would unplug the tree in her room when S was over … if only we could all have such a tender witness to others!!  {Oh and that boy from 2nd grade that picked on her is in her class this year … and he’s become quite protective of her!  Faithful prayers produce results!}

I’m not saying public school is for everyone, in fact, I am absolutely certain that it is not!  I’m saying this …

There is no universal “right” answer! 

We pray every year about what the Lord would have us do regarding our daughter’s education … and every year we are committed to being obedient to whatever He leads.  We may end up back in Christian school.  We could homeschool.  Or we may continue in public school.  But never, at any point, will we be turning over our responsibility to educate our daughter … to train her up in righteousness, to give her a solid foundation in the Word, and to oversee her education in every area.

And we will pray for our many friends and family who are daily carrying out the full measure of instructing their children in their homes.  We will lift up those whose children attend Christian schools.  And we will undergird those who have made the decision to place their children in public schools.

Because the truth is … we’re all on the same team!  And we need to remember that no education method or location is the enemy … but our enemy certainly wins a battle when he can distract and divide us by such things!!

Please, can we all remember that these are personal decisions … and that God works in each of us through different means to accomplish His plans in our lives? 

{I’m going to respectfully ask that any comments be prayerfully considered and written in the spirit of encouragement and support for Christian parenting ~ in whatever form.}

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  1. This is the first time I've come across your blog. I found it through a link to Like A Warm Cup of Coffee for a taco crescent recipe link from Intentionally Katie.

    I do home educate my children. But I certainly would NEVER say anyone who didn't is sinning. And I'm sorry you've ever encountered that attitude. By the grace of God we parent as He leads us.

    I just couldn't stumble upon this and not tell you good for you for speaking grace and truth.

  2. wonderful post.. after a lot of posts about the virtues of homeschooling and all, it is really refreshing to see someone giving the virtues of public school.. and displaying our faith in front of non-beleivers takes a lot of prayerful strength.

    i'm sorry that you have to defend yourself about your decision.

    what you learn at home is what shapes your outlook at public school. with such loving parents as you, i'm sure your little girl will have the right direction and become quite an example to a lot of directionless childen in public school..

    i wish her and you all the best in this new missonary work.

  3. I think you've captured the heart of the matter friend, and that is obedience to what God has called us to do. Somehow it seems that when we make a choice for one or the other we are condemning the other option as inherently wrong, rather than just not the will of God for our child.

  4. As a parent of children in public school I truly appreciate your post! I love to read blogs of many homeschoolers and many times I walk away feeling that I'm not doing "the right thing" as a Christian. My children are blessed to be in a school with many Christian teachers and friends~ many that attend church with us. Even though my children aren't home schooled, as their parents we are still educating them all the time. Our job as good Christian parents doesn't stop because their school day is spent away from us. I always believed my children would go to Christian school just like I did, but God had other plans and it is Him that we answer to, not man. I think public school parents, Christian school parents, and Home school parents can really learn a lot from each other as long as we can all realize that there is not a right or wrong in this decision 🙂 Like you said, it's not a sin to public school our children.

  5. This is my first time at your blog….and it won't be my last. I followed Sarah Mae's link from Like a Warm Cup of Coffee this morning.

    I just wanted to let you know that I needed to read your post. My husband and I have made the decision to send our almost-5-year-old to kindergarten at a public school next year. But I continue to question our decision…because I have felt that I'd not be giving him the best by not educating him at home. At the same time, I know in my heart this is the path God has set us on for the time being. Thank you for sharing your testimony on education…I know it will help me come to peace with our decision.

  6. Hi there! I agree totally with everything that you have said. I also think the same arguments can be applied regarding the Quiverful movement in America.
    Love ya!
    Collette xxxx

  7. There are so many sensitive topics…

    Homeschool vs. Christian school vs. Public school..

    Homebirth vs. Hospital birth…

    Breastfeeding vs. formula feeding…

    Working Mom vs. Stay-at-home-Mom…


    With all of the above, there is no univeral right answer. Each one has to be decided with much prayer. And then each person must proceed as led by the Holy Spirit.

    Thank you for tackling such a tough issue. And may we all handle one another with care as we live this life, encouraging one another to live a life of faith and obedience to Christ—whatever way He may lead.

  8. Here from Sarah Mae's blog. I'm so sorry everyone can't just extend grace. I have homeschooled all my children (two in college now, one in second grade). Believe me when I say I have complete respect for those choosing any other form of school for their children. It's a PERSONAL choice between you and the Lord. May God continue to bless your family through your journey.

  9. Thank you so much for this post. Like your other commenter, Julie, I also read a lot of blogs written by homeschooling Moms and I feel much the same way she does sometimes. In light of that though, I've never questioned our decision to send our kids to public school. Thanks again!

  10. Although I homeschool, and absolutely love it, I also know the Lord may lead other parents in a different direction. And get this, if HE leads, He IS able. Even if a public school was the worst, if He leads, He is BIGGER than the worst. Like Daniel in the Old Testament, living among idolatry and unGodly rulers, he thrived with his ultimate Ruler, God Himself.

    One thing I realized, my son went to Christian school (& public too for while before homeschooling), even Christian schools have problems. Sometimes those problems require us to go back to our children and explain why Christians are acting this way & that way. But either way, if HE directs, wherever IT IS, we turn our kids into HIS care, not ours. Homeschooled or public.

  11. I had tears in my eyes reading this…it is a very personal and private decision that my husband and I pray over before the start of EVERY school year for each of our children. One year I homeschooled our oldest, another year he was in private school while his brothers were in public school. We go as we feel led. I have always encouraged my boys to look at their school as their mission field…the only Bible some of their friends may ever see. I am praying right now because my 13 year old is not making the best choices when it comes to peer pressure.
    I commend you for addressing this issue as it is one where we (as Christians) tend to alienate new and un believers with our this way or no way attitudes.
    As usual, I couldn't have said it better myself!

  12. This is the first time I have been to your blog. I came through Joy at Joy in the Journey. I just wanted to share something that happened in our family yesterday. Our daughter is in first grade at a public school. This week they we working on a "hero" paper where they got to choose someone as their hero, draw a picture, and write two reasons why they looked up to the person. Our daughter chose God as her hero and wrote that she looked up to him because "He made the world and He saved me." She said that the kids in her class were looking at her like she was crazy, but she was able to take a stand for the Lord in her school. These papers will be display in the hall next week for parent-teacher conferences. What a witness our little girls gets to be! While I would never judge anyone who chooses to home school or send their children to Christian school, I really appreciated this confirmation that we had made the right choice for our child. She truly can be salt and light!

  13. First off, from a homeschooling mom, I LOVE YOU! 🙂 Secondly, your daughter sounds like a precious little girl and may all of our children have faith and a witness like hers. You are doing a great job, mom! HUGS!

  14. Hi there, I just saw this post linked from a friend.

    This is a great article because my husband and I both went to public school (and I also had private and home school for 2 years) and we've decided to homeschool next year. You wouldn't BELIEVE the comments made about our decision. (From other Christians no less…)

    I don't know why parents automatically assume (whether you use public, private, or home school) that you either A. want to throw you children to the wolves or B. want to put them in a bubble and tape their eyes and ears shut… when NEITHER is true and you are earnestly seeking what the Lord has called you to do.

    Good post… I've started this topic on my blog so many times, now I just might finish it! 😉 To God be the glory in all our decisions… wherever they lead. Hang in there!

  15. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    I am a public school teacher and a Christian. I appreciate your post so much. There are many, many Christian teachers in my public school and we work hard to witness to the other staff members and our students.

    Thank you for posting this and for praying for your daughter and her school every day!

  16. This is my first time on your blog, I found you through Sarae Mae's post today "Home School vs. Public School". I like some of the other readers here follow some home school mom blogs. When I read there blogs I sometimes question whether who is right on their choice. My six year old daughter currently goes to public school and is in the 1st grade. She did attend a private Christian preschool before going to public school.
    This year I have been questioning my decision. Thank you for writing this post.

  17. One more thing, I've waffled between aboslute inadequate fear of having my children's sole education on my shoulders to the opposite extreme of wanting to homeschool out of FEAR of the big, bad wolf of public school. It was then I realized, He was above, better, bigger than the schooling and my fears. Most important thing I learned, pray about and be lead by His Spirit in what's best for your family. Let HIM lead, all else will follow. There's no condemnation in Him. Thanks for letting me share, some MORE.

    Ps. This was my first time here too!

  18. Thank you Teri Lynne. We are in our 5th year at public school with 3 kids in…4 next year uh! And I've never felt stronger about our calling. We are right where God wants us as evidenced in the daily work He's doing in and through our kids to reach others for Him. But I weekly ask my mom friends, who home school or private school, how I can pray for them. It's so important that we back eachother up with prayer. Encourgement is vital as there is no method of education that is without struggle. Thank you for writing this post. The comments left are a clear indicator that it was needed.
    Much love and a big hug!

  19. WOW!! What a wonderful expression of love and grace … and need for open dialog!! I'm trying to respond personally to each one of you … if you left your email, I'm emailing and I'm visiting blogs and leaving comments! What a blessing this morning has been!!

    ~ Teri Lynne

  20. I really appreciated reading this and gaining understanding of another perspective. More than anything, we need to hear from the Lord and follow His guidance about our children's schooling. Thank you for opening your heart and sharing your experience. Miki

  21. We left a church many years ago over this issue. They decided to start a Christian school, but I had reservations about the curriculum and format they chose, among other things. After much prayer, we decided to leave our child in public school, but every sermon and Bible Study ended up turning in some way to the evils of public school. We even spoke to leadership about it, and they assured us that no one was being pressured to place their children there, but the final straw came when I was at a prayer meeting and heard the pastor praying about the school that would be coming, and saying "..and now we'll begin to see who really loves their children." Needless to say, I left there weeping. After much prayer and discussion, but determined to walk the path the Lord showed before us, we left that church.

    They did start the school the following fall, and it continued for a couple of years. The church ended up going into to debt to bail out the school due to lack of proper oversite of finances, etc. Many of the children who were placed there ended up having to repeat grades when they went back into the public school system, and a number of the older ones ended up as drop-outs–not exactly what I would have chosen for mine.

    I was so glad then that we had listened to the Lord when it seemed that everyone around us was sure that we were doing the wrong thing. I'm especially thankful for my husband, who was adamant that we were to have no part in this endeavor–it had been just me, I might have caved to the pressure!

    The funny thing was, we ended up at another church that also had a school, but the school was just one ministry arm of the church, not the primary focus and purpose, and it was absolutely never an issue.

  22. I echo all of the gratitude I have read on the comments you received to this post. My prayer is that more women in the Christian community can come together and support each other – no matter their educational choice. I would love to find out if there are any other places that Christian parents of public school students can go for support and encouragement. Wouldn't that be wonderful? Our choice to send our children to public school is mostly based on this idea – that I believe I am being called to train my children how to be of the world but not in the world. I have had many (more than I can now count) opportunities to help my children learn how to discern what is true or not. The Lord has called our family to teach our children that discernment while they are in our home. I know it is different for every family (my best friend here in NC homeschools her children). I would just love our voice to be heard too! Thanks again for this post. Blessings, Hope

  23. Wow, awesome post, Teri Lynne! Thank you for a thoughtful and compassionate perspective. As a single mother, I've had to work full-time since my daughter was a toddler (she's now 10). Throughout that time, I've been blessed to have her in a Christian school that was more like a family than a school. Then we moved to another state and circumstances led me to place her in a public school. It was one of the hardest decisions I've ever made, but God has granted me total peace in it for the moment. My heart's desire is to homeschool, and I'm choosing to believe God will provide a way for me to do so even as a single mother! 🙂

  24. My first time here too, and I just couldn't read-and-dash, when you have written so eloquently about something that can be truly divisive. I went to a public school, have a brother that was home-schooled and a nephew that is currently home-schooled, have 2 relatives teaching in a public school, have a nephew in a charter school, and we send our children to a Christian school. You know what? ALl of the parents involved love their children just as much as the next and are doing what God has led them to do as far as schooling. My hands are full enough with raising our children, I should have no time to judge what others are doing with their children's schooling. I so appreciate one of the earlier commentors saying that "if HE leads, He IS able." He doesn't lead us all down the same path. You have brought up a subject that could be touchy yet you bind us all together. Thank you.

  25. Beautifully, gracefully said. As a mom who has done private school, homeschool, and public school, I couldn't agree with you more. God calls us to make our circle of influence in different arenas, and we all need to encourage each other to honor the choices He lays on our hearts.

    This so blessed me today…thanks for writing this!

  26. For the first couple of years after we decided to homeschool I felt about the same way you did a long time ago…that anyone who voluntarily sent their kids to public school wasn't doing the right thing by them.

    Having homeschooled now for 5 years, my attitude has changed. Who am I to decide what is best for another family? We knew without a shadow of doubt that homeschooling is what God wanted us to do…and I know now that God can just as easily tell another family that they need to send their kids to public school. Just like you wrote about Casiday's light in her classroom…where would the kids who don't have Christian influence be if they didn't have Christian KIDS to show them? Christian teachers are a wonderful blessing, but getting to see someone their own age living out a life committed to the Lord…what better way to show them THE Way?

  27. Thank you so much for your boldness in tackling this subject! You have spoken the truth in love, and I am so glad to see the kind responses to it!

    As a homeschooling mom (who frankly never thought she would be a homeschooling mom), I sometimes hate to even tell others that I homeschool. I know that so many friends who send their children to public school have been judged, and the last thing I would ever want is for someone to misunderstand my heart.

    Every parent and every child is different. What is best for one family may not be what is best for another. As you said so well, the important thing is that we are seeking God's will for our children, and that we are obedient to follow whatever direction He gives us.

    I have no doubt that Casiday has been a shining light in her school. It could even be that God sent her there specifically to reach S…that He loves a little girl from a Jehovah's Witness family so much that He called Casiday to public school. She might be the only Christian who dared befriend S. We can't know if that's the case or not, and I am sure Casiday's impact is not limited to just that one little girl. But even if it were, it would be worth it!

    Thanks for sharing your heart today…here's a big HUG! 🙂

  28. Since I have been online with you all Homeschooling was looking like what I am supposed to do but that means giving up lots of things for our family, and I am not sure that I am willing to make the change so late in the game. IT might be an option for high school but for now I really see that a Christian in a public school is what works for our family right now. As long as we give our children the foundations at home that they will need to use in the school, then we are doing our job as parents. God bless those who do home school you have more patience then I do!

  29. Hey friend – thank you, thank you for this post FULL of TRUTH and GRACE.

    The Scripture is clear that we are supposed to raise our children in the Word and teach them to obey the Lord – but so often we take that and then leap to "everyone therefore must do that in THIS way," and we have taken a giant leap into horrible legalism!

    To other mothers who are struggling to decide what to do with their kids – that decision is solely between you and the Lord! Listen to Him and do what He says – even if it's different than you first expected! 🙂

  30. Thanks for this post! It seems to me that the real issue is whether or not schooling decisions are God-led or not. There is no right or wrong that applies to EVERYONE as far as schooling, but the judgements these decisions invoke do not come out of nowhere but from real examples.
    I know several families that homeschool and we live in an area where the local christian private school is very popular and has a strong influence. Our kids go to public school which feels like the minority amoung our friends. I see, in each of these categories, kids who suffer for where they are placed. There parents have it in their heads that it is the only right way and judge others for choosing differently while their own kids are not considered. Any form of schooling can be the WRONG choice just as any could be right. I've never been remotely interested in homeschooling personally and I almost ignored the fact that it had become necessary to consider it because I did not want to do it. We've finally decide to pull our two oldest next year but leave the other three. Once we allowed the thought in we saw God pile confirmations around us that it was what He wanted. I strongly believe some families do not let God in on the decision making. This is why you have secluded homeschool kids, spoiled private school kids, and badly influenced public school kids. Unfortunately, the wrong choices are more visable than the right ones so people use them to attack that schooling method. Personally, I am sad knowing the comments that will come out when our decision becomes public knowledge. Even some homeschooling families are very opinionated about curriculum and we know some will not like what we have already set up for our children. I'm sad but strong in the affirmation from God. Maybe some do not feel that strength in affirmation and that is why they attack others….
    Thank you again for your story. It warmed my heart in a great way and I no longer feel the need to convince others we made the right choice for each of our children. God has used you as one more confirmation that he wants this for us.
    P.S. I do not know how to post this any other way besides anonymous so I will include my email address in the letter.

  31. I am going to have to come back and read all of this again, but as a public school teacher, I enjoyed reading it very much!
    Thank you so much for writing it!
    Oh, and in my public school classroom, I have a bulletin board set up on the wall, that says things like Respect others, with Bible verse references on them!

  32. I loved this post! I am a homeschooling momma (though I never dreamed I would be). It is such a personal decision. So personal. It is sad to me to feel judged (as I did when we spilled it to our family and friends that we were deciding to HS). I can imagine it feels bad the other way around too.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts! Life is so short to be critical of one another especially when it comes to our children (our treasures here on earth!)

    May God bless your family!


  33. It's nice to see so many homeschooling moms being publicly supportive of you and your stance here.

    I have to say I've been both passively-aggressively and blatantly criticized for placing my girls in public school more than I care to remember, online and real-life, by homeschoolers. I wish I could have directed those women to this post, and I will in the future do so.

    You did a fabulous job, girlfriend, and I'm proud and in wholehearted agreement with you!

  34. My daughter was in private school until 4th grade and we moved her to public and it was the best 3 years we have had yet in school. The greatest teachers, the most academic growth she has had. To be honest the private school she went to up to the 4th grade was crushing the poor childs spirit. I did move her back to private for Junior High and High School but that was a choice we made due to her spending half of her life at her dad's who is not a believer. I wanted her to have more bible in her days that she was not with me. I completely support public school and plan to send Gracie to one for Kindergarten.

  35. Great post, thank you for sharing.

    I agree re: homeschooling vs. public school- there is no ONE right answer for everyone. God's plan for everyone's life looks a little bit different but the goals are one in the same. To bring glory to God by obeying him and leading others to do the same through a personal relationship with him.

    Mark 16:15 Jesus said …"Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature."

    I Peter 3:9 "The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance."

    If there were NO Christians in public schools then how could we (as the body of Christ) be obedient to the "great commission"? Public schools need "missionaries" just like distant lands and tribes do.

    My oldest is in public sch. kindergarten but I have entertained the idea of homeschooling him for a year to focus on his behavior and obedience to authority issues (we and his teachers are having issues with him obeying and acting appropriate at times). I may soon be experiencing a different path myself 🙂

  36. Well expressed and written. As a public school mom and a public school teacher, I see the merits in both educational settings. God sends us all, even our children, in different areas to spread the gospel…the good news.

  37. Terri, I just wanted you to know how much this post touched me and I couldn't stop thinking about it. It was on my heart so I blogged by my experience on it too and backlinked it to this page. I'm so grateful for you and Sarah Mae for bringing this out. I've been on both sides and know how difficult either decision can be. Obviously this was important and thank your for shedding light on it.

  38. I couldn't resist coming back to read what others felt about your post. It is awesome to see the amount of support and gratitude you got from other readers! I like Hope's comment. It would be great to find support for Christian mothers who send their children to public school. It would be great to get tips, share stories and encourage each other in our decisions. Not to exclude anyone, because whether you send you child to public school or not ,I would welcome other opinions.

  39. Awesome post! I'm not a fan of public schools here in Arizona (we're 49th in the COUNTRY for education…lovely) but it's the choice we've made for now. I am SHOCKED by the opinions and judgment out there on how you should educate your kids. Everyone's parenting opinion is STRONG when it comes to their babies, that's for sure. Good for you for addressing this topic.

  40. Yes, yes and yes! I think we are wise to remember this for ALL areas of life – not just the schooling issue. We can be so quick to think we have THE right answer and THE corner office on the truth. It can sometimes boil down to a real lack of humility and a big dose of self-righteousness.

    Right on. I applaud you! GREAT post.

    Host and Producer
    The Greg and Marlo Show
    CJOB 68 Winnipeg

  41. Thank you, Marlo! I appreciate your encouragement. And how right you are that the principle here is true in every area of life. Great reminder!

  42. As much as I loved reading this the first time, reading it again makes me love it (and YOU!) even more. Yes…we are ALL on the same team. We all want to bring up our children in the way best for them. Since we all parent different kids, we all must make different choices suitable for those kids. God's direction never fails! Let's cheer each other on so we win together rather than criticizing so that we all lose!

    You rock, Sista!

  43. Just ran across your blog via a google search on this topic! Wonderful blog, I am going to follow it.

    You said " But never, at any point, will we be turning over our responsibility to educate our daughter … to train her up in righteousness, to give her a solid foundation in the Word, and to oversee her education in every area."

    Amen, that's what Christian parenting is all about.

  44. I just clicked over to your blog via twitter, and spent some time browsing old posts…

    THANK YOU for writing this. Oh my goodness, my heart needed this today. We have three boys. The twins will be in third grade next year; our youngest is in preschool. We have chosen public school for them.

    In some ways, it was an easy choice, since the public schools in our area are fantastic. On the other hand, it's been hard.

    We switched churches last year in large part because 90% of the kids at church were homeschooled. (I think that's a great choice for families to make by the way, but we feel strongly that for right now, God has us in the public school.)

    I cannot begin to tell you how excluded I felt…how excluded my kids felt…

    It has been so painful.

    And yet God is working in our lives and in our neighborhood in ways I never could have imagined.

    I could go on, but I just wanted to pause and say thank you. 🙂

  45. Sometimes God makes His will for us so clear to US that we have a hard time believing that someone else might be called to do something different. At least that's how it is with me and homeschooling. I have to remember that other Christians are in contact with God too, and if they make different decisions, it's really none of my business.

  46. You are right…100%.

    As a homeschooling mom, I have heard the sentiment from both sides.

    I’ve heard that it’s terrible to send kids to public school – for fear they will be too “worldly”.
    Well, I was a public school student all my life. So whatcha sayin’? 😉

    I’ve also heard that it’s a horrible shame for folks to homeschool — for fear they aren’t “socialized” enough.
    If they were anymore socialized I don’t know when I’d have time to wipe my nose!

    It all boils down to this – we have to do what the Lord has called us to do. We have to be obedient. And you need to be at peace.

    And you are!

    Hugs to you and your family. I pray the Lord continues to use her (and you!) to love on those around you!
    Donna Earnhardt recently posted…Can you feel itMy Profile

  47. Thank you so much for this post. I found you through Raising Arrows and her link to Thanksgiving Stockings. As usual when I find a new blog, I wonder around a bit to learn more about the blogger. When I found this post, I had to read it as I’ve struggled with the homeschool vs. public school vs. private Christian school issue. Homeschooling is not an option for our children (we have 6) and there are no private Christian schools in our town beyond 8th grade (besides the fact of the cost of tuition for 6 children). When we first put our children in public school after homeschooling (we attempted twice but were unable to continue for personal reasons), you would have thought we were giving up Christianity by the responses we got. Hearing someone say that public schools are not a sign of bad parenting or of ignoring God’s call that we are to educate our children is very helpful to me. Thank you so much for this post.

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