A Teenager’s View of Proverbs 31

Over the years I’ve had the great privilege of mentoring countless women from high school students to senior adults.

As a mentor, one of my biggest goals is to empower others to trust their ability to read and apply God’s Word to their lives.

I encourage using the SOAP method of Bible study and checking in with the group to share what they are learning daily.   Recently the assigned reading for the teenage girls I mentor was Proverbs 31:10 – 31.  They were to read the passage every day and, using the SOAP process, share what they understood about the passage. Side Note:  I am a firm believer in reading a passage for several days at a time in order to grasp the depth of meaning.

I was expecting responses like … “Wow! She was really busy” and “I hope my husband doesn’t expect all that from me.”

They shocked me! And they challenged me (as is so often the case!).  So today, I’m sharing some of their insights with you and figuring maybe you’ll be encouraged and challenged as well.

Insights from teenage girls about Proverbs 31



The wife with noble character was the rock of the family, everything stayed together due to her strength and wisdom. She was strong!

I also realized that parenthood and a marriage are for strong women. And I learned that it comes with age. So don’t act older. And that I’m too young to be a rock.  I’m not ready to be the firmness of a family.

Beauty and charm (verse 30) is sometimes deceiving so have good character thats true not false.

I realized that she did a lot for her family and she was a Godly woman who had great moral character. Being a wife and mother comes with a lot of responsibilities that teens are just not mature or ready enough for.

I realized we shouldn’t judge women on what they have but on what they are. Strong. Wise, dignity, and faith.

I especially like where it says her husband has full confidence in her. Sometimes people don’t have confidence in women just because we’re women and the fact that he has complete confidence in her shows me that there is a guy out there that will have the same for me.

Wow, huh?    Their responses made me ask myself some tough questions … and realize that I needed to make some changes in my priorities and my home.

Here are the questions I asked myself:

Am I relying on my own strength to accomplish the day’s tasks?

Do I build my home … am I basing my life on a solid foundation?

Is wisdom a prevailing characteristic of my daily life?

Am I taking the responsibility of being a wife and mother as seriously as it deserves?

Does my husband have full confidence in me?

I love mentoring … in any form or fashion.  But I have to say, these girls are challenging and stretching me in ways I never imagined!

How do YOU view the Proverbs 31 woman?

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