A Detour

Taking a break today from our series on rest to invite you to visit me over at one of the most amazing places … Chasing Blue Skies.

Kristen asked me to join several other “tween” mommas and share about how we are managing some of the struggles this particular season of parenting is bringing.   I’m sharing a bit about the tightrope act balancing my public life with her private life.   Here’s a taste …

Parenting a toddler was tough. Temper tantrums, hissy fits, and not enough sleep…and that was just me! But parenting a tween – just wow! The constant vacillation between playing with American Girl dolls and begging to wear makeup can really wear a momma out. We are constantly experiencing firsts again…first pimple, first serious body odor, first hormonal breakdown (followed by innumerable hormonal breakdowns by both daughter and mother). You get the idea.

My girl is funny and bright and beautiful … but she can also be sassy and lazy and a real pain in the tail. Her daddy is a pastor and her momma is a writer. Bless her! Every funny thing she says has potential to be a sermon illustration or Tumblr post. Likewise, some of the more challenging aspects of dealing with a growing girl can often find themselves entering into sermons and blog posts.

… you can read the rest of this, as well as three {of the many!} lessons I’ve learned so far, on Chasing Blue Skies.  Join me??


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