To Intervene or Not to Intervene … That is the Question!

My girl is eleven.  She’ll start middle school in the fall.  To say that I have a great deal of anxiety about this season of her life would be fair; after all, those years of puberty and early adolescence are, even in the best of circumstances, filled with enough hormones to make any child seem absolutely crazy!   C is a funny, talented child, she’s always had a wide circle of friends, and though academics is not high on her priority list, she’s managed to stay an A/B student thus far.

When Angela asked me write a guest post about a parenting topic I’ve wrestled God over, I realized I struggle in so many areas trying to discern what His direction.  Today I’m going to share about one of the many areas where I still wrestle with God about how to do this overwhelming job of parenting.   Maybe you can relate?

How involved is too involved for a parent to be??


You can read the rest of this post on Angela Mackey’s blog, Rethinking My Thinking.  She graciously asked me to share with her readers about a parenting topic I have wrestled with God about.   Please join me over there and be sure to leave a comment {maybe she’ll invite me back sometime!!}.

Oh and I’m offline today … It’s our 15th anniversary and my sweet husband is taking me out for the day.  So, happy Wednesday everyone!!


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