10 Thanksgiving Stocking Ideas

Today I want to share one of our favorite holiday traditions … the Thanksgiving stocking!!

Best Thanksgiving Tradition Ever ... seriously! Thanksgiving Stockings for the win!

Each year to kick off the actual Christmas season, we give Thanksgiving stockings. Given after the Thanksgiving meal is cleaned up and everyone is ready for a nap – except the children! – these stockings contain the most wonderful assortment of goodies.  We figured out early in our marriage that it is no fun to give Christmas ornaments and such on Christmas because you cannot enjoy them through the season …. hence the beginning of the Thanksgiving stocking.

Here are some of the things we generally put in the Thanksgiving stockings:

new Christmas ornaments

Christmas socks, pjs and tee shirts/sweaters

Christmas movies and books

Christmas scented candles

Christmas coloring books and puzzles

Christmas pencils

Christmasy coffee or cocoa mix

Christmas Peeps (the girl’s favorite!)

any of the little Christmas goodies you find at Target, Wal Mart, etc.

Christmas photo frames

… the list could go on forever!!

Who gets a Thanksgiving stocking?

EVERYONE!! If you spend Thanksgiving with us, you get a stocking. Of course, we do the biggest one for the girl but we love to give everyone who shares the holiday with us a little something.

What’s a special holiday tradition in your home?

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  1. I LOVE this idea..we do stockings, but only on Christmas..your ideas of ornaments and little goodies to enjoy for the whole “holiday season” is genius. I hope you dont mind, but Im stealing the idea and implementing it this year with my family. I love your blog. Thanks for your service to Him.

    Love Love Love

    • Wow this is such an original crafty & awesome idea. That I’m also going to do this for my family this year & begin a fun memorable thanksgiving to kick the Christmas season with friends & family. Thank you & Bless you for your kind heart. Pamela
      I truly love it

    • Thanks, Julie! This year we’ll have 13 stockings for Thanksgiving … we’ve done as many as 30! Several of the “kids” from our youth groups now do the same thing with their families … makes my heart warm inside.

  2. Teri that is a great idea!! I love giving things they can use through the holidays like candles and christmas coffee.
    My little brain is thinking this might be a new tradition in our family.
    Thanks girl!

  3. I love this, I may adopt it-next year. I have been giving my grandchildren a Christmas ornament as one of their gifts. Like you I soon learned it was better to give that particular gift before Christmas, so they receive it at Thanksgiving. I also give all the grands a stocking. The problem is, we don’t actually spend Christmas Day together, so they either get their stocking a littler early or late. Why not very early, when we celebrate Thanksgiving? Thanks for the great idea. It will help make my holiday with the kids and grands more special. ~Nita

  4. This is an amazing idea! I suppose if I rush I still have time to do this for Thanksgiving. Question… where do you get your stocking? I am not so sewing-inclined so I need help or an idea! Anything?

  5. I usually bring my boys out sometime just after Thanksgiving, and let them pick out something Christmas-y then. I like this idea better (or maybe in addition to!)

  6. Absolutely love this idea!!! My kids will go nuts! I think I might do “decorating day” stockings on Friday! I have some special things I didn’t want to wait on-the new What’s in The Bible Christmas DVD being the main one-what a neat way to surprise them with a few other Christmasey things!
    Carisa recently posted…Tot School ~ Letter Ww & Thanksgiving FunMy Profile

    • We use something different each year … sometimes just gift bags. Last year I used the Box Bags from Freeset. This year I’ve been looking for pretty Christmas stockings that reflect each person’s likes or personality.


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