10 Ways to Make a Home

Sometimes I think we use homemaking and home managing as synonyms … and we shouldn’t.  Managing is not the same thing as making.

Manage: to handle, direct, govern, or control in action or use

Make: to bring into existence by shaping or changing material, combining parts, etc.

from dictionary.com

We have to manage the details of our home … if we don’t, chaos ensues.  I get that.  But let’s not get so caught up in managing our homes that we neglect the far more significant task of making a home.

Here are 10 ideas for making a home:

  1. Pray together.
  2. Eat together.  {Love the resources from Focus on the Family’s Make Every Day Count Facebook page!}
  3. Tickles and giggles.
  4. Create stuff.
  5. Serve others.
  6. Dance and sing and act goofy!
  7. Look each other in the eye.
  8. Listen well.
  9. Hug often.
  10. Work together.

What else would you add to this list?  How do you work at making a home?

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4 Replies to “10 Ways to Make a Home”

  1. I love all your ideas for making a home! I wouldn’t add anything but I will say laughter has been an important part of our home. I love to laugh!
    Have a great day!

  2. I was going to say serving, like your #5. There is nothing like serving others (especially Jesus!) to bind a family together!


  3. Melanie {adorkable} says: Reply

    Love this! especially the part about being silly–letting the crazy out. I’m all about that!

  4. Very good list, and I agree, homemaking and home management are not the same things!!

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