On Being Brave and Lessons from my Daughter

Every month I am honored to share some thoughts with an amazing group of mommas – girl mommas, just like me.  Women whose hearts know the joy and fear of parenting a girl-child.  Women whose prayers cover their daughters from head to toe and heart to soul.  Women who long to raise up a generation of God-loving, God-fearing young ladies.   Women who know we parent best when we are bowed low before the Father.

I’ve been writing at MOD Squad for over a year.  My column is all about parenting from the overflow (I even wrote a book on the topic).  Learning that the most authentic parenting comes out being the most obedient child to our Heavenly Father has been a gift in my life. 

This month though is a little bit different … it’s not about my overflow pouring into her.    Nope, quite the opposite!  Because sometimes, often really, I see what kind of child He wants me to be as I watch the child she is.  

On Being Brave www.terilynneunderwood.com

Last spring she jumped off the picnic table in our backyard  … and as this spring begins, I’ve spent more than a little time realizing that my Father delights in watching me jump.   Join me today, will you, as I share my heart about not being brave but reaching out for that overflowing courage that can only come from Him.

{p.s. Boy moms are also invited … after all, you sweet ladies probably see more overflowing courage every day than I do in a month of parenting my girl!}

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