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I am proud to call myself a dreamer.  A big dreamer.  An “idea slinger,” in the words of Sarah Mae.  I thrive on exploring, digging, discussing, expanding … words, causes, processes.  I love all of it!  The conversation, the debate, it’s all thrilling to me.

Most of what I write is connected to those big ideas—those topics and conversations that don’t fit into 140 characters and are filled with paradox and contradiction, because after all, don’t we all have a little bit of paradox inside us?

I wrote a little book about church.   Not because I’m an expert.  Not because I think my words are going to radically alter perception or reality about church.  Nope!  I wrote about the church because it’s just one of those concepts that wraps itself up in my head and my heart.  Because some Sundays I leave wishing I never had to go back and some Mondays I wake up wishing we met every day.

I’ve got another book planned for this fall.  A revamping and expanding of some musings on parenting.  And again, I write not as an expert but as someone who has learned that perspectives change, ideas expand, focus narrows, and experience alters.

Maybe you have a dream … or maybe you have 20 dreams.  Can I give you a word of encouragement—chase that dream!  Run after it!  Grab it in bits and pieces.  If you want to write, start scratching out words!  If you want to paint, pick up the brush!  If you want to make the perfect loaf of bread, keep at it!

Here’s where I’m sitting today:  I’m a dreamer with a few books I self-published.  Chasing the dream has been the biggest thrill of my life!

So tell me, what is your dream?


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  1. Short & sweet but very inspiring. Thank you. I have a dream of being a writer and maybe a speaker who makes an impact for Christ. Feeling inadequate these days.

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